Dry July Survival Kit
Dry July Survival Kit

Enter to win our Dry July Survival Kit hamper valued at $100


Do you want to quit drinking? Maybe you just want to have a break, or maybe it’s time for a liver detox.
Perhaps your dependence is more deeply rooted, and poses a serious problem in your life.
If alcohol consumption has become a regular habit, it can take a toll on many aspects of your life, your health and your wallet as well.
For all those that want to take the Dry July Choice we fully support you and to encourage this, we are giving away a "DRY JULY SURVIVAL KIT" valued at $100. Within this are liver supporting herbs and detox herbs that can support the system as it detaches from the sugar and ethanol cravings. 


Click here to enter. Winner will be drawn June 30th. We support your choices!



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