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Herbal Travel Kit

Ray's Rave!

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 13:34 -- Lainie
I've been boasting now for well over 10 years that I have never got sick,as I always take Propolis when I feel I'm coming down with something, and I know it has indeed always prevented the flu or cold or whatever else is trying to enter my body. 
I believe viruses and bacteria are always are always in the environment. Diseases are always around trying to find a host;thankfully our own bodies immune defences are always fighting them off.We are always vulnerable to attack from a virus. Thank goodness for Propolis-when I take it I can actually feel it working through my body!
While in America to visit and assist with the new Castro shop in San Francisco I guess I smoked too many cigarettes,as I was not only enjoying the Indian Spirit organic tobacco,it was only four dollars a packet! I simply smoked too much. 
Then I started to wheeze and cough-my immunity was compromised by the nicotine I am sure. 
I woke up the next morning with sinus,a sore throat and a dry cough.What did I do?
I took Propolis of course! It certainly helped relieve my symptoms and I really do believe it stopped the flu coming on.
But the next day my legs were heavy and I could feel that something was still trying to attack me, the virus was still trying to overtake me! Then I woke up the next morning with a severe sharp pain in my kidney area and I realised that the infection had got in, but the Propolis was somehow fighting it off. 
The pain was really getting to me so I took the Adrenal Replenish Spagyric and immediately, within 10 minutes the pain went away. However I woke up in the night again with excruciating pain and thought what can I do now ? So I used my good old Nutmeg Oil to my great relief.
I have still got a congestion in my lungs from smoking too much tobacco and I need Coltsfoot to fix it.
But there is no Coltsfoot to be had in America! I can't find Propolis in the liquid form here or in the herbal form either. Neither can I find Nutmeg Oil and certainly not the Adrenal Replenish Spagyric!
And hence our mission for herbs: "Promoting the appreciation, information, benefits, culture, use and AVAILABILITY of all natural plants and herbs."
And this is our raison d'etre -the reason for being for the Happy Herb Company. Keep up the great work
 Love Ray


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