A Smoking Scandal
A Smoking Scandal

A Smoking Scandal

Ray's Rave!

Tue, 11/29/2016 - 14:17 -- Ray

A recent headline read:

"Anti-smoking drug CHAMPIX killed my son!"

Very sad because there are safe (but forbidden to be advertised and therefore unknown) HERBAL alternatives!

A mother claims her son took his own life whilst on the anti-smoking drug Champix as alleged pharmaceutical giants Pfizer continue to peddle that and other poisons. Despite knowing of the suicide risks, they do not put that warning on the label!

This is outrageous!

When we at the Happy Herb Company are not even permitted to advertise any alternative to smoking at all!

Many people have got off tobacco by using Passionflower, yet passionflower, the leaf from the passionflower fruit vine is banned in Australia in cigarette form! Nevertheless, Passionflower rolled up into a cigarette will help overcome cravings for tobacco. 


Coltsfoot, another fantastic herb,actually cleanses the lungs, Lobelia inflata counters the nicotine cravings.

Damiana - another lung cleanser is helpful too as it gives you a happy feeling on smoking it!


We have most of these herbs contained in a special Quit-Nic smoking mix until the TGA banned us from using the word and now we call it No-Nic.

It's bloody ridiculous I know when nicotine addiction is killing thousands of people, yet none of these alternative herbs are addictive at all!

I also know somebody who loves to have a smoke of Mugwort before bed as it gives him a good night’s sleep and also keeps him off smoking other addictive substances like tobacco or even cannabis.

The present smoking laws around Australia are so wrong and ignorant!

Sadly the government laws under influence of the corrupt pharmaceutical companies lobbying are,quite frankly, causing suffering and death.

Herb lore not herb law!

Love Ray


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