Awesome Suppliers
Awesome Suppliers

We are always seeking opportunities to support other social enterprises and paticularly love it when we find one that has great products that we can supply to our customers.

This Awesome Suppliers section presents some of our favourite suppliers that operate in a concious and loving way.  Whether they are a fully functioning social enterprises or working hard towards supplying ethically sustainable products, we have chosen to honour their work through this page.



Creating jobs & battling hardships in Africa with bees

Australian Simon Turner went to Uganda in 2005 to trade in honey. From there he set up a local cooperative that works with local communities to create jobs in beekeeping. Since then he has built up a large outreach network with over 1,000 registered farmers that is bringing them a reliable market for their product. They are producing over two metric tonnes of honey a month and have a specific focus on creating extended markets with propolis.

“I got into propolis when I was out in the field working with beekeepers. We were always getting cut and scratched or getting sore throats from all the dust. Every time my beekeeping friends would tell me to take propolis and I found I ended up using it often. That is how I came to know how good it is.”

Simon employs fifteen staff directly and creates outreach markets for rurally marginalised villagers supporting over 1,000 farmers make a decent living.  His company provides training in bee keeping throughout Uganada and is constantly seeking new export markets  to support these farmers with their businessess.  

Read about the amazing properties of Malaika Propolis Liquid sold in Happy Herb Shops nationwide:

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