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Back to the bedroom

Back to the bedroom

Ray's Rave!

Sun, 10/07/2018 - 16:33 -- Ray

PART 2 - Back to the bedroom:

Spray the room with romantic WILDFIRE mist.

Rub the beautiful WILDFIRE oil on each other etc.

I find that men (in particular at Sexpo) ask ”What’ll turn the missus on mate?" But when I start talking along the above lines regarding oils and massage and a romantic setting etc they say “No have you got a pill?”, and for that very reason I give the followiong talk at SEXPO.

Try magical Wildfire mist that you spray on the sheets and around the room to put you both in a romantic, sweet, mood and will appeal to the woman and the man no matter how much they are skeptical .

Truly as soon as I start talking about these sexy WILDFIRE sprays and oils most men just turn off, they want a quick fix.

I've been tempted to say and at times I have, that really two hours, even four hours, of quality foreplay will really help, not just a pill.

Part of that foreplay is the setting, it is about establishing that romantic atmosphere. You can do it every second night but even if it's just once a month or fortnight that’s fine.  Especially when the kids are being looked after, or even on a holiday when most couples are ready for romance and after all that's what the whole hotel and resort industry is about really because all you need is a bed.  But of course they make the rooms just so comfortable for love making, (it must be interesting being a cleaner in a hotel I think).

Anyway, spraying the bed and room with WILDFIRE MIST and then bring out the sexy WILDFIRE massage oil.

Many years ago I knew this couple where the man massaged his wife every night, every night, and every night they made love. Now sure, if he didn't massage her every night, he might've been lucky to get it once a week which is the usual average.

So then, just massaging your partner might sound like a lot of unnecessary work but it doesn’t have to be that long, but hopefully you are listening to and responding to the delighted groans, the sighs, the “oohs” and “ahhs”.

You might start down from her shoulders, down the back, please note the lower hip area is always good for a woman.  Especially if they do suffer from stress, the shoulder area is a good way to start, you dont have to massage the whole body,  but much better if you do, but it's the thought that counts!

A relaxed woman makes a great lover and uptight woman does not!

This talk is directed to men, I’ve got to mention somewhere that the title could have been-‘Men: Dont let your dick get in the way’

Because I think I can be honest with men and say that I'm not a smart ass, I'm not a tantric sex teacher, I've been the lousiest of lovers ever, I've been a "wham, bam thank you ma'am" and sure it might have gone on for a couple of hours but there are only some women who enjoy hard hours of thrusting, thrusting, thrusting.

Anyway back to the bedroom, about a half an hour before going to bed either have a couple of cups of strong Damiana tea or SENSUALITEA which is the extract of Damiana or even better, Aphrodite (the name says it all) which is especially designed to arouse the senses and libido.

By the way the great thing about DAMIANA is that it stops worried thinking and relaxes as it is a nervine tonic as well as an aphrodisiac- in other words she won’t be thinking about what colour to paint the ceiling or the bills you have to pay tomorrow etc by using Damiana first in the introductory stage of lovemaking.

The use of these herbal aphrodisiac‘s will arouse your desires and put you both in the mood-so now to the bedroom:

Most women like to be seduced and played with and tantilised so when you do massage them you never go quite near their erogenous zones especially the breasts and more importantly the vaginal area.

Certainly not at the start of your touching or massaging . It’s important to listen to your woman to just tenderly brush over their sensitive areas, i.e. Perhaps their nipples, around the nape of the neck, their ears, their ear lobes-kiss them lightly all over-adore their femininity- stroking their back with your finger tips or nails, just lightly going up their inner thighs, almost, but just not quite touching the labia of the lips and vaginal area, just missing out on that all together and just appreciating and loving the woman for what she is.

Looking into her eyes and then perhaps deep, passionate kissing, especially with LOVE BUBBLE smeared on the lips(because it it numbs the applied area and is also very good for oral sex as it prolongs ejaculation in the man and stimulates a more profound orgasm in women-ingested it also relaxes and as you know a relaxed lover make better lovers! )

So lose yourself in the experience, which is aided by the sensuality of these paricular oils WILDFIRE and/or LOVE BUBBLE .

There’s no doubt about it, these oils arouse both the woman and the man and is an element really quite neglected in love-making. They both contain herbs that infiltrate the woman and the mans body and therefore giving or receiving more pleasure and sensuality and sensitivity, bringing out feelings of deep love, passion and arousal.

By then, things start to take over, remember a woman is like a violin and she must be played and played like a violin, you must be responsive to her moves and not so much your own because in the end result, if a man delays his climax, orgasm, ejaculation, (as all men find out usually by accident!), how much more intense the ejaculation and climax is!

And tease your lover but nicely.

So the longer you play the violin, the better and more intense and more satisfying and more healing is the orgasm that a man and woman have together or seperately. The ideal is to climax together but that takes quite a bit of work for some women who find it hard to orgasm and on that point, some women never actually achieve an orgasm, some require the stimulation of a vibrator and that is the only way they can climax.

Many women are like that but at the end with all the foreplay and titilation it should not really matter for the man whether they orgasm or not.

A woman can enjoy the love and sex without an orgasm, but its not a problem if at the end she has to bring herself to orgasm, with the aid of a vibrator or her fingers, there's no harm done and in a way thats tantric sex.

In that case you should try the WILDFIRE MASTURBATION OILS, hot and/or cooling oils!

 ... To be continued


Love Ray


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