Botanical Extractor Machines
Botanical Extractor Machines

We now take great pleasure in announcing the distributorship for the Magical Botanical Extractor, AKA 'Magical Butter machines'!

These emanate from America (hence the name magic butter machines) and are just amazing! Why? Because it is so simple to use one. You add say a 25gram bag of Damiana, (in our case) coconut oil, put the lid on and then it goes off like a little rocket ship as the lights spin around on it!

You forget about it and then in an hour’s time a little bell goes off.

You take it out using a special sieve and you’ve immediately got DAMIANA OIL!!!

You can make yourself tasty and effective herbal oils,butters,tinctures,salves and creams. 

You can also make candles with it, alcoholic infusions, the list goes on....................find out for yourself. It is indeed a machine for instant herbalism and more !


And here's a video showing how easy it is to use:



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