Your Ultimate Breast Care Guide
Your Ultimate Breast Care Guide

Your Ultimate Breast Care Guide

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After nearly a year of developing & trialling the formula and sourcing the ultimate premium ingredients, we at Happy Breast Balm are really excited to announce the release of the Balm and our web site. My interest in Ultimate Breast Care began a few years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, I am now in the best of health but in the process of my recovery I learnt a lot about breasts.

I discovered that regular breast massage and skin brushing is good for our blood flow and lymphatic system and helps we women get to know our breasts well, so we’re more likely to notice when something has changed.

I learnt about the importance of magnesium and iodine, the benefits of coconut and hemp seed oils and essential oils, especially citrus.

Just as importantly, a recurring theme was the need for we women to embrace self-nurturing. Even the act of tenderly skin brushing and massaging our breasts each day can have a profound effect on our health, especially our breast health.

So I have designed this breast-friendly blend, ready for you to use, and lovingly created to support you in embracing a self-care routine.

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Wishing you and your breasts the best of health!

Here's a great article to support the benefit of skin brushing:

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