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Menopause is an amazing time of change in a woman’s life. It is the transition to the the third phase of womanhood, when our children have grown and it is time to step into the role of the wise woman. There is not much real understanding of the profound changes that take place at this time, it is generally seen as a difficult and negative challenge. However with the right attitude, a good balanced diet, exercise and regular intake of herbal teas, menopause can be a positive experience!

Common symptoms: mood swings, hot flushes, vaginal dryness. Can also experience digestive upsets, stiff joints, insomnia, anxiey and depression.

Herbs to use:

Dong Quai: known as ‘female ginseng’, this is one of the best hormonal balancing herbs for women, incredibly useful during menopause.

Motherwort: also known as marijuanilla, is excellent as a tea for general improvement of menopausal symptoms, especially hot flushes and anxiety.

Chaste-tree berry: an excellent hormonal balancer, especially useful for hut flushes.

Black Cohosh: the primary native American herb for women’s health, tones the uterus, and the nervous system.

Red Clover: is high in oestrogenic compounds and can assist with many menopausal complaints.

Note- herbs are not like pharmaceuticals, they act more gently and on a deeper level, but need to be taken daily (3 times is best) and consistently to really reap the benefits.

Dietary suggestions:

During menopause the body is changing rapidly and as such is more sensitive than usual. Avoiding coffee, tea, sugar, chocolate, alcohol and salt will really help with the unpleasant side-effects of menopause. Increasing foods that are high in calcium, such as sesame seeds, almonds, and seaweeds will prevent osteoporosis

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Submitted by Mickey (not verified) on

Studies show that menopause can also lead to insomnia in women... Using the herbs above can be helpful..

Submitted by John McCain (not verified) on

Wow great list of drug free alternative for menopause! I believe herbs are a great solution for menopause symptoms and discomforts. Thanks for sharing this very informative and helpful article guys!


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