Fed Up With Ban On Hemp Food
Fed Up With Ban On Hemp Food

Fed Up With Ban On Hemp Food

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Thu, 02/26/2015 - 09:38 -- Lainie

Europeans and Americans I meet are stunned when I tell them that hemp food is not allowed in Australia.

We are the only country in the world where hemp food is banned!

While state governments around Australia are changing their stance on previous restrictions on medical cannabis,hemp food is still not allowed into Australia.

And this time it is not the fault of the food authority, but police chiefs who fear that the low or no THC seeds will be hard to police?!

Goodness gracious me you wouldn't believe it - but sadly it's true!

Meanwhile we all miss out on the most nutritious plant on the planet that needs little or no chemicals, fertilisers and water to grow.

After all it is a weed, a good weed indeed that can improve the health of us and our planet.

A nutritious plant that must also be made available for Australians too!

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Submitted by leigh (not verified) on

Australian is a pathetic Nanny country in so many ways. It is embarrassing. Too many Australians are too damn comfortable in their cotton-wool stuffed little brains. They think it is too dangerous to not be like them. Yaaawwwn.


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