Inner Balancing Antidotes
Inner Balancing Antidotes

Inner Balancing Antidotes

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What an interesting world we currently live in! So many improvements we have been able to achieve in various aspects of our human civilisation, but at the same time we still struggle with some of our basic needs. Modern medicine has made such an incredible leap in the last century, overcoming so many diseases that for ages killed millions but can now be easily cured with a simple quick fix pill. Diseases that for centuries have killed entire civilisation’s can now be managed so easily.

Sounds good right? 

The irony though is that for the last few decades these same quick fixes have now been killing so many people as well. New unknown health conditions are now a true threat! No conspiracy theory here. What was created to cure now became the number 1 killer in most western societies. The numbers are real

Instead of using pharmaceuticals only in extreme situations society now relies on quick fixes for the most simple ailments. These magical popping pills that provide at first a rapid fix seem to be the solution to all our health problems, physical and mental. But what are the long term results? We can't continue fooling ourselves as in the long run there's a price to pay. That's what our current situation is bringing to our attention. Many of these medications have a heavy impact on our vital organs when overly used and are also extremely addictive as our bodies slowly (sometimes very quickly) build strong tolerance to them. More and more side effects are being listed alongside these products but are people paying attention to this or are they just coping with more medications!

Relying on pharmaceuticals is an endless vicious cycle that may result in strong dependency and also long term overall metabolic sickness.

And what about natural medicine? All that ancient knowledge about plants and herbs that we actually have been relying on since the very beginning of our human history? We seem to have forgotten some of our basics. The magical pills age seems to have put a shadow over our very healing basis to some. Nature has been providing us with exactly what we need since forever. Every environment in this planet clearly gives us what we need but we often we ignore for the simple quick fixes that don’t come from nature.

Our busy lives demand quick fixes so we can push our bodies to the limit.

We can't stop. In our current system we put profit as a number 1 priority and everything else needs to work around it. The pharmaceutical industry was born along with our industrial revolution leaving herbal medicine to become obsolete and unnecessary. Our dualistic thinking decided to ignore natural instinct to push forward an intellect that demands money and power but ignores balance. Have we become money making machines that will live when we retire? I believe that's not true. We are beautiful beings that learn from experiences. We seem to have forgotten that we are nature and now we have hit a wall.

Fortunately many of us are waking up to the dissatisfaction that has become this money-making reality that overlooks our perishing bodies, minds and souls.                                                          

What if we are actually slowly finding balance? What if we are actually learning from our mistakes? I believe being human is a learning curve. There's a place for everything in life. Modern medicine is so necessary and quick fixes are the immediate solution we sometimes need. Herbs are safe and actually perfect for daily use. The spices we put in our food are not only for better taste they actually improve digestion, circulation, brain cognition and much more. Herbal teas can keep your immunity strong. Herbs provide safe healing in the long run with little or no side effects at all, and they are packed full of nutrients for our daily health.

Food is not only for pleasure. Food is true medicine. Our daily medicine. Quick fixes should be the last resort.                                                                

When we are out of balance and struggling physically and/or mentally, pharmaceuticals can actually help us cope until we get back on our feet. There's a place for them as long as we strive for balance. To continue the journey in this unknown crazy reality, balance is the key to find the answers we are looking for. Let's be patient with one another and with ourselves. Between all the light and darkness we perceive in everything we see we'll find the balance to be healthy and at peace. Let's rely on nature and our instincts. Profit shouldn't be our number 1 priority, our existence needs nature to be. Sustainability is a bigger priority now more than ever. Let food be the medicine. If we stop pushing our existence to the limit for money, quick fixes won't be so necessary anymore. Balance will move us forward naturally! A new wave of consciousness begs us to ask, pharmaceuticals or natural medicine? Your truth will come spontaneously.

 I'll stick to inner balance and remain grateful for both.


Written by:

Marcelo Nosé, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant



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Submitted by Karen Williams (not verified) on

Balance is definitely what our beings strive for and your are right we forgot during the excitement of industrial growth and more expendable income. Recent reports from within the medical profession have highlighted the over prescribing of blood pressure medication. One UK doctor featured on an ABC programme in late 2015 highlighted that an enormous percentage of the population are using blood pressure medication when it is absolutely not necessary. It was cited that most doctors gained incentives from pharmaceutical companies tied to their prescribing blood pressure medication to people. Many, whom this doctor stated, were on the border of the acceptable range indicating a need for medication and went further to say that the medication was unnecessary and simple lifestyle changes would have improved blood pressure readings for these people. I am now looking to use natural remedies and lifestyle changes to improve my health and well being. If the medical profession has started to take a closer look at themselves, well and good. I will take a cup of herbal tea over a synthetic pill anyday.

Submitted by Amelia on

Thank you for your insightful comment Karen. It is refreshing to see mainstream media making enquiries into this situation. Enjoy that cuppa! I might join you :-)


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