A Natural Answer to the So-Called Swine Flu 'Pandemic'
A Natural Answer to the So-Called Swine Flu 'Pandemic'

A Natural Answer to the So-Called Swine Flu 'Pandemic'

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Fri, 07/02/2010 - 00:00 -- Ray

What happened to Swine flu? Was is the major world catstrophe that it was made out to be? Was the massive spending on anti-viral drugs and flu vaccines justified? How effective IS this mystery vaccine? And what about the natural remedies like Coltsfoot, Propolis, Andrographis and Ephedra?

These are the questions that are currently being asked by a group of medical experts from around Europe. As you probably remember, swine flu started in Mexico in early 2009, and spread around the globe, just like the flu does every year. While there were a number of deaths in Mexico, there were many fewer deaths worldwide from swine flu than from the average flu in a normal year. In fact, about 35,000 people die from the flu or from flu-related complications in the US alone each year! While it is true that Swine Flu killed a higher ratio of people in the prime of their lives (instead of the normal flu killing the young, sick and elderly), many fewer people died overall from Swine Flu than even the normal flu.

Generally, the flu virus dies out every 1-3 years and a new variation appears nearly every winter. This is why we can get sick with the flu year after year, despite having immunity to the last one, as it is actually a new disease each time! And yet, somehow the whole world got in a sweat about swine flu, and governments around the world spent billions and billions of dollars on medicines of questionable efficacy and untrialled vaccines!

Dr Deborah Cohen, editor for the British Medical Journal, is so disgusted by the way the WHO spread fear and misinformation, that she has gone so far as to call the swine flu a global conspiracy!

She argues that not only did the World Health Organisation (WHO) strangely change the definition of what exactly a &;pandemic&; is just before the swine flu pandemic was declared, but that a significant number of &;medical experts&; who were on the WHO panel that was advising governments around the world to stockpile anti-viral drugs flu vaccines were actually on the payroll of the very pharmaceutical companies who make these drugs!!!

It couldn&;t be more obvious!

Up until May 2009, a disease had to be fast-spreading, and infect an unusally large number of people, and have severe consequences such as death or disability in order to be classified as a global pandemic. Just one week before the WHO declared an international health emergency due to the swine flu pandemic, the requirements for a pandemic changed to be any disease that is unknown and spreads quickly.

Well, that is quite broad, isn&;t it!!

The Australian government alone spent more than $120 million on the vaccine for swine flu, before it had even been tested for efficacy! The UK government spent 10 billion on antiviral drugs!!! What&;s more, the majority of these vaccines are fast going out of date! This means that the pharmaceutical companies who manufactured these drugs got one of the biggest pay-outs in history directly as a result of the WHO&;s advice to governments. What is more, it is now questionable whether Tamiflu even helps much with the flu at all! While some doctors claim that anti-viral drugs such as Tamiflu reduces the likelihood of fatality from flu, it is now becoming clear that these drugs are not as miraculous as is claimed. Apparently there are now a number of strains that are resistant to Tamiflu; it is thought by some that Tamiflu does NOT cure you of the flu but rather reduces the severity and/or duration of the flu to varying degrees (usually 1 day); and if the anti-viral drugs are not administered within 48 hours of onset, they may be virtually useless. Not quite the wonder drug it was amped up to be!

And what about the natural remedies? No one mentions the wide array of herbs that are potent antivirals, that can both prevent infection and hasten recovery without the side effects!!! The official Tamiflu website (www.tamiflu.com) lists possible side effects as: serious skin reactions, nausea, vomiting, seizures, confusion and abnormal behaviour. While it may be appropriate to take anti-viral drugs in extremely severe cases, in milder cases, I would rather have the flu for an extra day than deal with all these side effects!

Why isn&;t the WHO advising governments to disperse safe, natural, herbal remedies instead?

Things like propolis (made by bees), which when squirted into the throat at the onset of a cold or flu may kill the virus before it takes a hold on the body......

And coltsfoot, which can be chewed as a quid and is thought to act similarly to propolis...

Or andrographis, which is used as a potent ayurvedic antirviral herb, and may work better than most anti-viral drugs, with NO side effects!!! (although it also must be taken early on.)

What is more, many effective herbs are not only kept secret, they are RESTRICTED!!!!

Coltsfoot has been used in European folk medicine for 1000s of years for sore throats, colds, flus, lung problems, bronchitis etc and is totally safe... however in Australia it is restricted for sale. And what about ephedra? This is another very potent herb that can be taken beneficially for chest, lung, throat and sinus problems (including colds) that is classed as an scheduled drug!!? Why? Simply because you cannot make as much money selling herbs as selling drugs, because you cannot patent a herb!

The whole swine flu pandemic, and the consequent stockpiling of untested and inefficient medicines at huge cost to the national health budget seems to be one more scam in a long line of betrayals by the pharmaceutical industry..... How can we entrust our health to people who only benefit from our illness???

In Plants we Trust!


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Submitted by rob (not verified) on


wow really interesting article.
Its a lot of money 120 million but I&;d rather it spent on Australians health. than military or something less sustainable. You do have an excellent point about the restriction of effective herbal remedies.
but its a major win that you guys have this platform to inform and offer an alternative
cheers. R

Submitted by el (not verified) on

Its absolute madness what the government has got away with, scheduling so many amazing herbs that have synergistically worked wonders with the human body for AGES on this planet. All I can do is laugh at how ridiculous it is, things will change I hope.
Thanks for the great article Ray, don&;t forget the wonderful (and FREE) benefits of vitamin D.. thats right.. the SUN!! Getting at least 20 mins of exposure per day, try and expose as much of your body as possible... or legal. Clinical studies are showing that vitamin D is much more, and I mean much much more effective in preventing the flu by stimulating the immune system than any anti-viral drug or vaccine on the MARKET today. Don&;t bother going to the market! Go harvest your own wild Sunlight today!

Submitted by elico (not verified) on

This just further fuels my realization that big business is praying on the uninformed by working with government in scheduling plants and herbs used by civilizations for 1000&;s of years. What a sad situation our world has come to!!!! I will as always inform people to question these scare tactics and to seek out alternatives to conventional medicine where applicable. Keep up the good work

Submitted by Daniel (not verified) on

Personally I think its all a result of the mass Chemtrail spraying happening in Australia. Reports all over the world suggest flu like symptoms, asthma & respiratory problems, sinus congestion & infection, stiff neck & back are all connected to chemtrail spraying. Is the flu shot a supposed vaccine for this? Take a look in the sky everyone.
Cheers Daniel

Submitted by Steph (not verified) on

The pharmaceutical world is a multi billion dollar industry. If they wont legalize, recognize or inform the public about simple herbal remedies for a flu, you think they will tell us when they have a cure for cancer... image the money loss in that! hemp is such a beneficial natural organic plant which can be used for medicine, clothing, housing, concrete, shampoo&;s, body wash, moisturizer, paper yet its hard to come by, and illegal almost everywhere to harvest

Submitted by Simon (not verified) on

Hey! Really interesting read, thank you! I love these sort of discussions that look at our collective knowledge of health! As a chemical scientist who has been living a herb-improved life for 10+ years though, I&;m always dismayed by the ambiguous nature of the claims made by many proponents of natural remedies. Phrases like "clinical studies have shown that such-and-such a remedy is a gazillion times more effective than anything being pushed by the established market now" are well meaning, but ultimately empty and lack rigor. Which clinical studies? Conducted where and when? What sort of mechanism kills this bacteria, or what is it about this herb that bolsters our immune systems? How&;s about a website link so that people can check out the info for themselves? It&;s literally only a cut-and-paste away, and it immediately bolsters the strength of the argument. If we as a community want to fight for the right to use the plants and their generous products that our planet has provided us, we need to be more rigorous in our discussions and actively try to remove the ambiguity that is so prevalent in the majority of them.


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