Act now to save kratom!
Act now to save kratom!

Act now to save kratom!

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Tue, 10/23/2012 - 13:46 -- Ray

The following is a letter which explains the current threat to kratom's legality in the USA and the benefits of this wonderful plant as a natural medicine.  We invite you to print it out and send it to your local representative or Senator. [download .pdf file here]


We also encourage you to sign this online petition:


NOTE: If you're in Australia (where kratom is regretfully already banned) you're very welcome to help out our American friends by informing yourself about the plant (see below), signing the petition above, and staying tuned to to the Happy Herb Company through our website, email newsletter and Facebook - we'll be launching the Plant Freedom Alliance soon to campaign for herbal rights in Oz. Herb lore not herb law!



Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you to express my extreme dismay and concern over the possibility that the natural plant Kratom is being considered by the DEA for banning, as a dangerous drug of addiction. Let me explain some of the actions and known effects of Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa):

  • Kratom is a tree native to Southeast Asia, whose leaves have been used as a natural medicine for thousands of years.

  • In small doses it provides an energy boost – it’s a botanical cousin of coffee, but higher doses have a sedative and analgesic (pain relieving) effect

  • Its main use is as an effective natural pain reliever and anti-depressant

  • Hundreds of testimonials have been written about kratom's efficacy in treating:

    • chronic pain

    • diabetes

    • fatigue

    • depression

    • lack of energy

    • withdrawal symptoms of opiate and alcohol addiction#sdfootnote1sym" name="sdfootnote1anc">1.

  • Kratom is non-addictive, and has few side effects

  • It is less addictive than expensive prescription painkillers such as Vicodin, morphine or Oxycodone.

  • Users report that it is “less addictive than coffee”#sdfootnote2sym" name="sdfootnote2anc">2, with those in middle-age being the most frequent and enthusiastic proponents of kratom's benefits.


Despite all these wonderful effects, this plant is in danger of being banned in the US by the Drug Enforcement Administration. Ironically their reason for banning this wonderfully safe medicine is that it poses a ‘health risk’. Kratom is used recreationally by some people, and recent scares surrounding the synthetic drug 'bath-salts' have led to increased scrutiny on a number of legal substances and plants. This age-old medicine is being lumped in with dangerous, unknown synthetic substances, and is under threat of criminalisation. If this criminalisation occurs, countless sufferers of illness and pain could lose access to a vital remedy that they have been using safely for years.

Like any plant or medicine, when one regularly ingests excessive amounts of a substance there is a potential for harm. This is true of countless products available for sale in pharmacies and liquor stores today, but few would argue that this means they should be outlawed. If kratom is abused – taken daily in very high doses – it can be mildly addictive, and can also cause “nervousness, sleeplessness, loss of libido, constipation and the darkening of skin complexion”#sdfootnote3sym" name="sdfootnote3anc">3. However, there have been no recorded deaths due to the use of kratom, which highlights its safety.

A case can certainly be made for the restriction of sale of kratom to minors, and responsible vendors have called for self-policing and an industry code of conduct. Senator A.G. Crowe recently withdrew a proposal to outlaw the sale of kratom in Louisiana after hundreds of people signed a petition against the plan, however he plans to put forward legislation to instate a minimum age of 18 for anybody purchasing the leaf – a move that is presumably not opposed by the majority of those who responsibly use kratom.


The Happy Herb Company promotes the protection of people's right to use all natural plants. We have seen time and time again that prohibition simply worsens the social impact of drug use, causing further health risks for users and providing criminal gangs with money that could instead be directed towards tax coffers. Our knowledgeable and concerned staff deal individually with every customer to ensure that they are informed as to the the safe and appropriate use of all our herbal products.

Public health should be not seen through a lens so narrow that it that disregards practically all alternatives to Western medicine and pharmaceutical drugs. We call upon citizens, policymakers, and politicians to support the reform of archaic drug policy for the benefit of society, and to respect people's innate right to use all natural plants and herbs. Kratom is no exception!



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Submitted by Christopher McEntee (not verified) on

Its disappointing to hear of the lack of power given to the people, to let people make desisions for themselves. There is such a lack of knowledge of the benefits of herbs and by banning them, fewer people are going to learn how they can have more natural alternatives to tablets and safer party highs than illegal drugs.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

if big pharma can't profit off of it..

Submitted by herbmaster2013 (not verified) on

hi, I have used kratom and have also drank kratom teas, it has helped me with a good outlook on life and a boost of energy with a natural feeling, I suggest it not be banned as it keeps many people motivated who otherwise might not be able, to do as much with out it, kratom is safe and has been around for many years.

Submitted by amber (not verified) on

Kratom has saved my life and many others. I hope kratom has a good future and prospers. GET UP AND GET INVOLVED!!! If we come together for a cause then we have the power to change.

Submitted by kyle Jones (not verified) on

There is no reason kratom should be illegal. Cigarettes are not illegal but if you chain smoke 2 packs you probably will be sick and need to go to the hospital. The same way that if someone is irresponsible with kratom they may get sick if they take too much. We need to educate the public on the amounts they should take and the medicinal benefits it possesses.


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