Please support Drug Law Reform Australia!
Please support Drug Law Reform Australia!

Please support Drug Law Reform Australia!

Ray's Rave!

Thu, 02/28/2013 - 09:56 -- Ray

We're excited to let you know that a new organisation called Drug Law Reform Australia is seeking to recruit 500 members before April 23rd in order to become an official political party and field candidates in the September 2013 Federal elections. 

Please consider becoming a member so that they can campaign in the political arena and create a space for rational discussion about drug law reform. If DLRA becomes a recognised party then our elected representatives will no longer be able to continue sweeping this crucial issue under the carpet! 

The following is from DLRA's website


Drug Law Reform Australia is Australia’s newest political force.

We are not pro-drugs though we support decriminalisation, regulation and harm minimisation of currently illegal drugs. We are calling for the end of the so called “war on drugs”.

As a political movement, we seek representation in Parliament. We believe the two major parties are incapable of solving this national problem. Their tough on crime rhetoric, trivializes the problem.

We are different to existing parties in that we do not aspire to government. We exist solely to pursue a policy of drug law reform.

We believe the current prohibition does not protect our children from illicit drugs or drug addiction. It fuels corruption of our democratic institutions and feeds billions of dollars to criminals and terrorists.

We aim to contribute to the drug law debate and influence public opinion on all matters relating to Drug Policy.

We want to stop ordinary Australians being treated like criminals and we want to stop criminals profiting from the illegal drug trade.

We want to regulate and tax the sale of drugs so profits are spent on health and rehabilitation services for those affected.

We are aware of the dangers of excessive drug use but know that drug use cannot be eradicated by the criminal justice system. It will be curbed by education and the provision of health services.

We believe the criminal law, the police, the courts and jails are not the solution. This “Tough on Crime” solution has been tried for over 40 years, cost billions of dollars and failed.

We believe the case to re-evaluate the current drug laws to be self-evident and call for fact and evidence based drug policies.

We believe that the government must stop making ordinary Australians into criminals.

There’s a clear lack of leadership on this issue coming from the government and opposition.

Unlike the major parties, our focus is clear. We do not stand for anything other than Drug Law Reform.


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Submitted by Geoffrey Colwill (not verified) on

Very worthwhile - Just signed up!

Submitted by Kerry (not verified) on

What wonderful news!! Thank you for adding this to your rave. Hopefully this will be the start of a new era where we help people rather than punish them as well as open share knowledge so no more good herbs, remedies or "drugs" get banned.


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