Earth Building Course Tasmania
Earth Building Course Tasmania

Earth Building Course Tasmania

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Mon, 05/21/2018 - 15:59 -- Ray

Earthen Building Course

November 1st-15th 2018

Lachlan, Tasmania

To Register: email -

In this 2 week course you will gain skills in earthen building techniques such as Cob, light earth, bottle walls, sculptural relief and more with hands on experience and fun interactive workshops! Located North of Hobart in a lush forest with waterfalls, we will create a temporary community, living and learning together.

"Building the future from the ground up.." Ray

"COB for those who don't know is made from clay, sand,aggregate and straw using local materials, as well as funky shaping and glass bottle walls!" Ray

'Light earth is a mixture of clay slip and straw layered into a mould. This creates a well insulated wall.'

This project is a continuation of some hard work and a beautiful vision,

An Earth Building Eco Sanctuary in the Wild Tasmanian Bush...

The dwelling we build will serve as a forest sanctuary for Papa Ray, from Happy High Herbs! As well as a community space for the care takers of the property Nawa and Stitch.

Workshop will include:

-stone work/masonry

-learn to test clay soils

-hands on cob building

-artistic sculptural relief work ( trees flowers mushrooms!!)

-glass bottle walls and bottle cutting

-COB dancing! This is where we working n teams to stomp our cob mix!

-construction of a fire place *potentially hot water system

-cob niches/alcoves/shelves (interior)

-Opportunity to learn carpentry with Stitch, adding Windows, doors ect

-Earth building movie nights and documentaries

-skill share, do you have something to teach our temporary community?

Also included is -

Food and herbal highs:

Meals offered are Breakfast; muesli and fruit, Vegetarian lunches; Plus Herbal Highs to keep you going during the day, then on sunset a vegetarian dinner. * meat will also be available for those who eat it.

"Each day after work, a walk to the waterfall for a wind-down splash, with complimentary wine beer or Happy high Go Go juice!!" Ray



Please bring your tent, swag or car to stay in, along with sleeping gear, tarps, extra ropes, pegs ect..


We will have an outdoor shower and composting toilet facilities, please bring only natural products such as shampoo, soap, so our presence has a low impact on the land.


A full list of things to bring like tools and work gear will be sent out via email upon registration.


Why? by Ray...

The cost of conventional housing has gone way out of the reach of normal working people especially the young,We consider this a crime against humanity, but there are other options and COB is one and simple to build without tradesmen's knowledge or expertise.

The dream is to find a generous person with land, alternatively lease or buy some land and build your own COB accommodation or community building! It just takes time, effort and lots of help.

Cob building is an ancient technique used all around the world, by reviving this way of building and empowering people to do it themselves and cooperating together, we can reshape the way we live on the face of our precious Earth.


About the course coordinator:

Xyla is an earthen building enthusiast, since falling In love with Cob and the natural building rEvolution she has worked and learnt at numerous cob builds, and internship in New Zealand all lead by the amazing Rosa Henderson, from Sculpted Earth,

With a driven passion to create harmony between nature and humanity once again, Xyla intends to facilitate a fun filled hands on earth building workshop!


Course fees: $560 per person.

This includes 3 meals per day and Happy High Herbs, plus refreshing alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.

**scholarship - if you are someone of keen interest in earth building without the socio-economic means of paying for the course please email us. There is a scholarship placement available!

***let us know if your children, family or pets need/want to come.

If you are interested in our workshop please email :

Love from Ray and Ziah Xyla(workshop facilitator)

Also Nawa and Stitch, Land caretakers


Established 1996.

We are proud to be not just for profit and activists for plant freedom.