Festival Essentials
Festival Essentials


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Festivals are a really important part of people's lives at any age. From the moment we go to our first live band with friends to the long weekends where you pack up all your camping gear, throw your esky in the car, make sure you have enough toilet paper and hit the road.

Going to music festivals is a culture, the ultimate engagement in sound, music and atmosphere. What all of us are looking for is longevity so we can get to the end of the night or the 3 day weekend and even though we are tired, we know we engaged in the music and atmosphere to our fullest ability. It's also preferable not to feel too hungover afterwards! This is why we've got lots of all-natural products that will help you maximise your experience and most importantly, you can protect your brain and body from toxic substances.

We've got herbal goodies that will assist in raising your energy, avoiding hangovers, detoxing the liver, and propping up your immune system so you can avoid catching everyone else's festival germs. Plus of course Damiana, which will assist in keeping your mood all shanti like!

Here is a brief run down of what we've got:

Vibes - Herbal stimulant with Guarana, Ginseng and Mucunu. Take 1 for clear energy, and 2 for strong dancing energy. 

SummerTime - Blend of happy party herbs in liquid form. Guarana, Damiana and Mucuna. Uplifting, energised happiness. 

Activate Chocolate Herbal Elixir - Stimulate your senses with this energising elixir; with extracts of Guarana, Yerba Mate, air trade Coffee and Mucuna. 

Damiana Tea - Relaxes the nerves, makes you feel sexy, and makes you HAPPY! 

Coco-Lyte - Powdered cocnut water. This is nature's sports drink, containing key electrolytes and encouraging rapid hydration.

Activated Charcoal - Powdered, activated bamboo charcoal for powerful detox.

Dragon's Blood - 'Liquid bandage' from the Amazon, a great antibacterial wound healer.

What Hangover - Herbal capsules used for prevention and treatment of hangovers. Contains Milk Thistle and Dandelion root extracts.

Propolis - Peppermint flavoured spray containing propolis and manuka extracts. Raises immunity, can be used as liquid bandage and is perfect for sore throats.


Be safe and party consciously


Available at all Happy Herb Shops:




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