Gotu Kola Saves My Sore Knees
Gotu Kola Saves My Sore Knees

Gotu Kola Saves My Sore Knees

Ray's Rave!

Wed, 01/13/2016 - 12:32 -- Ray

Hi everyone,

As some of you know I love to dance - I think it is a great way of exercising the mind body and soul. I also use dance to fix any aches and pains in my body and even at my age of 68 I don't have any! I do have one problem area though and that is my knees. I ruined both Cartilage and ligaments in both knees whilst playing schoolboy football.

Unfortunately at the last two gigs I've been to in our area my knees seized up and I've had to stop dancing -much to my disappointment.

I recently went to Japan and the same happened. On the way back on the on the plane I thought I will have to get knee reconstructions next year.

Then I remembered I hadn't been taking my Gotu kola lately and so on my return I started taking the SPAGYRICS Gotu kola for a week and my knees are strong again!

In all of my happy Herb career I have also not found one person who's arthritis has not improved or even gone away with the use of the marvellous GOTU KOLA


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