Great Way to Recycle Plastic Bottles
Great Way to Recycle Plastic Bottles

Great Way to Recycle Plastic Bottles

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Mon, 01/20/2014 - 17:00 -- Ray
Hi All,   In 2011 we held a happy herbs seminar for franchisees on Gili Air-a small but beautiful Island off Bali -a beautiful place indeed.So beautiful I felt  inspired to share this paradise with others and I thought why not hold a seminar here?! So we did and it is paradise, but for some of us it was marred by the pollution of plastic litter, particularly empty plastic bottles that were strewn everywhere along the beach along with all the plastic litter floating in the once pristine waters   So, inspired by Nicola Peel, one of our guest speakers, who spoke to us on conservation and the environment ,we approached the local school and offered rewards to the kids for them to collect plastic bottles, stuff them full of plastic litter and other rubbish until they were solid, and promoted that they use the filled bottles as filling for concrete walls and other concrete structures.What a great way to use waste plastics! While we were actually there we heard from locals how kids were scrambling all round the island for plastic bottles and it certainly delighted us that our message was getting across so quickly.   Well I can say with some pride and happiness that on a revisit there this month I walked around the whole island and only saw a few plastic bottles washed up on the beach, and on the land there was not a plastic bottle to be seen!! I like to think that the Happy Herb Company has altered the consciousness by introducing the plastic bottle project to the school children and even though, at the moment we&;re not running that reward system, it seems the people, especially children, have picked up on the message and pick up all the discarded plastic bottles to use them.   LOVE is the answer Love Ray

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Try to reduce the use of plastic bottles and recycle them to use again they are not truly recyclable since plastic beverage bottles must be made from virgin plastic. PET is semiporous and absorbs molecules of the food or beverage contained, and the residue cannot be removed; heating the plastic enough for sterilization would destroy it.


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