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Herbal Elixiba

Herbal Elixiba

Ray's Rave!

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 12:10 -- Ray

So what is Elixiba and why!?

Elixiba is a herbal and plant based bar and restaurant.

Elixiba is really an extension of the happy herb mission which is: “promoting the appreciation, information, benefits, culture and availability of all natural plants and herbs."

This mission came about because of my frustration with the system i.e. one is not allowed to make claims about herbs and I thought how is anybody ever going to know about herbs both for self-medication purposes and for health prevention?!

So I started off doing happy high herbs stalls at markets and festivals to spread the herb word, decided to open up my first shop in Nimbin and then branched out to a franchise chain which reached up to over 50 shops here and abroad.

There is no doubt about it using herbs on a daily basis keeps the doctor away.

I use various herbs on a daily basis including Gotu kola, Tribulus, He shou wu, Ginkgo Biloba, Damiana, St Mary's thistle and Propolis. I am 69 now and have never been to a doctor! I treat myself with herbs instead!

Even with the multitude of Happy Herb Shops around Australia for the last 20 years there is still an ignorance, apathy and resistance to herbs out there!

Anyway some years back now we made up some Damiana beer and it was delicious. I trialled our first batch with a sceptical beer connoisseur and he and his workmates got really happy on one stubby and I realised it was the Damiana working not the alcohol!

So a vision came that one day we would have a herbal alcohol bar.

I had been selling herbal energy drinks for many years at Blues Fest, Woodford, Big Day Outs, Homebakes etc. - Oh the good old days!

Around 2010 a friend of mine- the brilliant Kittea Ukkola (now the creative director for Elixiba) and I discussed the concept of doing a herbal Elixir bar at Earthfreq festival and it worked out so well she sold out of drinks on their second day!

The timing wasn't right back then-but last year the planets aligned and Kittea and I formed Elixiba to take the mission further through herbal mock tails and later herbal alcoholic cocktails, herbal beers and herbal liqueurs.  


Our first plan was to open a herbal mock tail bar, then in two years’ time a herbal alcohol bar and further down the track our five year goal plan was to open a herb and plant based restaurant serving herbal non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Anyway we decided to open up in Maroochydore in October 2015 and our long-term goals were realised within one year! Not only do we have a plant based restaurant and herbal bar in Maroochydore but next month we will be opening up Elixiba in the Gold Coast at the Robina Town Centre and in our "hood" at Byron Bay in December!

We have also franchised our recipes to the Entrepreneurial beach club resorts who plan to open 50 such resorts around the world!

We have opened with their first one on Sanur beach Bali and we are looking forward to taking the Elixiba concept of health and fun and its mission for herbs further around the world to Italy next year and America the next!

So power to the mission for herbs with the Happy Herb Company and now Elixibas!


Established 1996.

We are proud to be not just for profit and activists for plant freedom.