Herbs and Entheogens for mind body and spirit
Herbs and Entheogens for mind body and spirit

Herbs and Entheogens for mind body and spirit

Ray's Rave!

Thu, 08/09/2018 - 13:57 -- Ray
Contrary to our indoctrination you will be left with no doubt that herbs are meant for us; our mind, body, and spirit.
We have been led astray since the advent of contemporary religions, which is ironic as entheogens (generating the divine within) must lead you to the Godhead within and out- the oneness-Gaia.
GAIA-the earth is viewed as a vast self-regulating Organism.
Harmony is the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.
All beings have to be in harmony within the whole planet, or else be in a state of disorder-disease.
We are in harmony within the whole planet
The planet is in harmony with our solar system.
We fall out of harmony and experience disease unhappiness and disorder.
Maybe we think too much, perhaps we have too much free will and arrogance and ignorance of the planet, nevertheless we have forgotten the healing power of nature itself.
So Herbs help bring us into harmony both mentally physically and spiritually.
Capture the essence of these maginificent herbs and entheogens that lead us closer to ourself and heal deeply.
DAMIANA for happiness libido and kidneys
EPHEDRA for energy creativity and asthma -Soma.
DMT For overcoming phobias, fear of dying and correcting living patterns.
MUSHROOMS the little teachers-correcting personal issues and patterns- finding happiness and comfort.
SAN PEDRO the puma-the stalker-the embodiment of spirit-truth-finding one’s path in the world.
MILK THISTLE for the liver and depression
FLY AGARIC The red and white mushroom-strength in mind body and spirit- spiritual direction and appreciation.
AYAHUASCA purging-illumination-dissolution of the ego-life direction.
IBOGA past life regression in the life that we know of-awareness of childhood issues affecting our present leading to addictions.
LSA - distortion of environment-disordering the mind and then insight into ourself and our being on the planet.
GOTU KOLA for arthritis
PEGANUM HARMALA amplifier of psychedelic experience a calm and objective view of our life experience.
PROPOLIS to prevent colds and flus sore throats infections
LOBELIA INFLATA focus and attention to details.
MUGWORT clairvoyancy, improving perception and lucid dreaming.
CANNABIS for insight imagination happiness and bliss awareness creativity and relaxation.
LIQUID BANDAGE for wound repair Golden Staph infections
TOBACCO for clarity and focus.
SALVIA DIVINORUM it is all in the name-divining sage-divining wisdom-opening up your brain patterns to more experience and awareness-addiction interrupter.
There are countless more.
I have only covered some of the life needing and changing herbs today, there are hundreds of thousands of other herbs that can assist us in disease, not only disease of the body, but disease of the mind and of the spirit.
Read my book to learn more
We are meant to have herbs, we are not meant to have pills.
So where to from here?
It is up to you to seek out herbs and to use herbs in your daily life, and to grow them and yourself !
Please spread the word of herbal medicine, which is after all, folk medicine-medicine of the planet for the planet and all it’s sentient beings 


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