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Herbs for Passion

Herbs for Passion

Ray's Rave!

Thu, 05/05/2016 - 09:51 -- Ray


Someone recently asked me why do I still do Sexpo?
I guess I've been doing them for the last 15 years and when I was first asked to exhibit there, I wondered if Happy Herbs had anything to promote at such an event. Then I went there and soon I realised that Sexpo mainly have stalls promoting lingerie, sex toys and all things gimmicky.
I soon realised our herbs were the only real products there that could really improve a couple's sex life.

It might be okay to have a mechanical toy for love making but you've got to have both parties in the mood as well.
I have a manuscript prepared for a book called "Happy Horny Herbs" but I stopped in my tracks because there's only one real herb for women to put them in the mood and increase their libido and that's Damiana.
There are a few other herbs like Ashwaghanda which is particularly good for women to build up stamina and also libido. Muira Puama is another,which strangely seems to help fantasising, which can really assist in the enjoyment of love making.

Of course there are many sex herbs for men,which makes me wonder - why did our creator place many herbs on this planet for men's sexual prowess and not women's?!
But then I realised in the natural course of things,men are the protagonists in the sex act so they've got to have the drive to procreate.
Women are more accepting - (the old adage that men give love for sex and women give sex for love is very true in this regard!)

There are many herbs for men - one is Damiana especially when they drink a few cups of tea an hour before bed.
Please note that drinking Damiana an hour before bed can definitely put a couple in the mood for love.

You also can make a wicked Damiana liqueur which really does spark both sexes up for the act of lovemaking. 
There is also Muira Puama, which not only increases fantasy but has a Viagra effect upon the man as well!

There is Ginseng,Tribulus and Ashwagandha also as well as many other herbs for men.
Whatever,a healthy body is a healthy libido.

You will find the taking of these herbs as a deliberate act for the fun and enjoyment of lovemaking definitely adds to the experience.
But you don't have to wait for the next Sexpo to hit your town -you can visit your local happy herb shop at any time for confidential advice to improve your love life.

As we say: "Couples who play together stay together!"

Love Ray


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