Happy Herb Vapour Vibes
Happy Herb Vapour Vibes

Available only from Happy Herb Shops - Vapour Vibes vaping hardware and Gem Series vaping tonics. 

Find them at your nearest Happy Herb Shop! 


  • Amethyst - Clary Sage and Nutmeg
  • Emerald - Basil
  • Ruby - Cardamon and Licorice
  • Topaz - Orange


Vaping does not involve smoking or combustion and contains no nicotine or other addictive ingredients! 

Enjoyable for smokers and non-smokers alike.  

Using proprietary methods, our organic botanic extracts are processed with 100% certified organic vegetable glycerin, containing no nicotine, synthetics, cannabis or drugs.

These fragrant tonics are made to be dripped into a tank, cartridge or drip tip of a personal vaporizer. Our organic herbal flavors taste truly amazing. We offer HH branded vaping starter kits which include a long lasting, rechargeable vaping pen and made-to-spec, top quality food-grade cartridge system with powerful atomizer.


Vaporization is a technique for avoiding the negative health effects that are associated with the practice of smoking. It uses a lithium battery to heat the vaping liquid to the point where it turns to steam in order to deliver to the user the herb's taste along with many of its active ingredients. Similar to the age-old steam techniques of herbalism, but with portable modern technology! 


NOTE: We voluntarily choose to retail these products to over-18s only. 


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Submitted by James (not verified) on

Is there an age restriction on purchase of a kit? I am 16 and suffer from anxiety, i tried one of my friends Vapers before and it worked amazingly in calming me and i felt great knowing it was perfectly healthy and i wasn't inhaling smoke.

Submitted by Niall on

Hi James,
Thanks for getting in touch.

Although these products contain no nicotine and are not any more harmful than age old steam techniques of herbalism, due to strict government regulation around vaping products we voluntarily choose to retail these to over-18s only.

However if you'd like to visit your local Happy Herb Shop the staff should be able to recommend some herbal products that can help with your anxiety.

Feel free to get in touch anytime!
Kind regards

Submitted by Jim P. (not verified) on

Thank goodness that there is an alternative to cigarette smoking for those who want to smoke.

Submitted by Tim Mottershead (not verified) on

great website very informative and I agree that there are so many advantage to vaping and now theres been a lot of positive media every one will soon realise the benefits !

Submitted by Amelia on

Thanks Tim, hope your experience the benefits of herbs in your life!

Submitted by Jamie (not verified) on

Is this safe to use to help quit smoking while pregnant?

Submitted by Amelia on

Hi, thanks for your comment, a good issue to bring up. Not enough research has been done so far into the effects of vaping whist pregant, so I would would have to recommemd that you avoid it.  Most essential oils are thought to be too strong to use during pregnancy and could have adverse effects on the baby, for example, Clary Sage should always be avoided by pregnant women. It is thought that the vegetable glycerin base of vaping liquids does not have any carcinogenic or genotoxic properties, but again, the research is not conclusive at this stage. You might wish to consult a sympathetic healthcare practitioner about the best support options for you for quitting cigarettes when pregnant (good on you by the way!).

You might enjoy this article on herbal health during pregnancy here.

All the best for your tobacco free future. Personaly, quitting cigarettes was one of the best things I&;ve ever done!



Submitted by Nat (not verified) on

Hi, i was just wondering the prices for the vapor pen, and the oils? Thanks

Submitted by Amelia on

Hi, hopefully you live near to one of our fabulous shops, you can check that out here.

If you are too far from a shop you can buy the vaping gear on our online shop here and the liquids here.


Submitted by neil (not verified) on

I have used one juice and was wondering how to clean it so i can use another flavour juice

Submitted by Amelia on

Hi, you can use a new flavour through a previously used atomiser however the flavour will mix with the last one. The only way to have the flavours not mix is to use a new atomiser.


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