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Welcome to The Happy Herb Company


to the online home of the Happy Herb Company.

We're passionate about plants, health, herb freedom, ecology, and life in general!

Here you'll find our online herb shop, information about our 50+ worldwide franchise locations, musings from our founder Ray Thorpe, a database of herbs and their effects, articles on specific health issues and which herbs help, information about our social projects and ethical business model, links to the Plant Freedom Alliance resource hub, and our community discussion forums. There will be other cyber-seedlings sprouting up here and there over time, so have a look around!

Knowing how to use herbs empowers us to enhance our health and wellbeing, without having to rely on harmful chemicals. Plants provide us with a way of directly connecting with our bodies and with Nature. We seek to enhance our customers' lives by providing them with healthy happy herbs, along with herbal knowledge and protection of our rights to use these plants - the plants we have been using for thousands of years.

Empower your health, body and mind - naturally! Try some happy herbs today!

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