Living the Dream!
Living the Dream!


There are many ways of learning, and understanding truth. Anyone who has worked extensively with altered states of consciousness, dreams, etc is firmly of the view that there are many valid ways to learn about the world. It is just as likely (if not more so) that our ancestors knew which herbs to take for what because the spirits told them through dream states as it is that they worked it out through trial and error. 

HH supports this theory whole heartedly and have endeavoured for 20 years to make herbs accessible for those wishing to make this dream state their reality, mode of healing, truth divining or simply for those who are curious adventurers. Some have claimed that after ingesting some of these dream herbs that they would ‘walk’ in their dreams to find lost objects, the cause of disease or to ‘see’ the future. 

Some of the great herbs we recommend for this process are explained in detail in Ray's Happy High Herbs book.

Herbs such as:


Botanical name: Calea zacatechichi. 

The leaves of this mexican shrub were traditionally used for lucid dreaming. A combination of smoking and drinking an infusion of the herb before bed, setting intention and focusing on one's heartbeat is said to create the conditions for dreamtime spiritual journeying.


Botanical name: Artemisia vulgaris. 

Mugwort was the original beer brewing herb of Europe and is amazing for the liver. Mugwort has long been used for lucid dreaming and astral travel. Mugwort is also one of the most pleasurable herbs to smoke, tasty and very cool. Try smoking some and drinking a tea made from the herb and placing some under your pillow (leaf is best for this) at night before bed for enhanced dreams.

Sun Opener

Latin name: Heimia Salicifolia.

This plant was called Sinicuichi (or Sun Opener) by the Aztecs and is still used by Mexican shamans as a trance divination catalyst.They regard it as a sacred herb, enabling vivid recall of past distant events. Some users even report the remembrance of pre-birth events!Often causes a yellowing of the vision and altered acoustic perception. The traditional method of preparation is to let it ferment in water in the sun for 24 hours before ingestion. In Aztec legend it is said that during the solar fermentation process of preparation, the knowledge of the sun is embedded into the potion, creating the Elixir of the Sun.May induce feelings of calmness and unity. Slows heartbeat, relaxes muscles, reduces blood pressure.

Salvia divinorum (aka Diviner's sage)

The Salvia herb is completely safe, non-toxic and totally nonaddictive. It is impossible to die from using Salvia and impossible to become addicted to it. Hence, Salvia is actually safer than coffee, safer than tea, even safer than our water! It has led many into divining theor dream states, hence its name 'Diviners Sage'. Unfortunately though it has been banned and classified by the TGA as an S9 drug with no therapeutic effects.

An excerpt out of Ray's book:

"Salvia can take you on a journey that is so real, that you don’t realise you've gone anywhere until you snap back into normal ‘reality’. Salvia has always been used as a healing herb. The whole weird experience is healing. Many were transforming their lives by using Salvia shamanically, asking important questions and receiving truth. The experience itself leaves one centred and focused. One neuroscientist believes that Salvia realigns the architecture of our brain. Quite possibly. Many have reported that their long-term depression disappeared after just one use of Salvia. And yet the TGA ban it as S9: a drug with no therapeutic benefits


AstralTea is a herbal tea concentrate which contains calamus, mugwort and catnip and many more herbs that provide a perfectly balanced way to enhance your dreams, visions and meditations.

Mellow Yellow

An alcohol-free liquid extract of california poppy. Sedating, quite strong. Very relaxing! 


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