Midland Happy Herb Shop
9 The Crescent
6056 Midland , WA

Established 1996.

We are proud to be not just for profit and activists for plant freedom.


Midland Happy Herb Shop

we are happy to introduce wild fire massage oil to our shop keep a look out for more exiting products to come 

We are  located  on the corner of The Crescent and Stafford Street, opposite Jimmy Deans Diner.  A 5 minute walk from the train, street parking and bus stops literally at the door.

We offer a vast range of natural and organic teas, healthy herbs, healing herbs, sexy herbs, dreaming herbs,relaxing herbs, detox herbs, sleeping herbs, and safe party alternatives

So come in and say hi, share a laugh and learn about the beautiful wonders of nature herbs and how they can benefit you.

our dream is to create a social hub where like minded people can enjoy the ambiance of the shop and feel free to converse and share there journy


9 The Crescent
6056 Midland , WA

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Submitted by dasha (not verified) on

The best treats and tea ever!!! My favourite shop in the whole world!!

Submitted by sandi (not verified) on

Hi there. Just wondering if you have the magical butter makers there? I live down here in albany so wanted to know if you stock the product and if you would parcel post an order if the customer paid the extra for postage? Please let me know. Thanks. Sandi.