Access to Natural Herbs are our Natural Birthright
Access to Natural Herbs are our Natural Birthright

Access to Natural Herbs are our Natural Birthright

Ray's Rave!

Tue, 08/16/2016 - 16:24 -- Ray

It is indeed a big weird and sometimes nasty world out there,but it is also so exquisite to be alive, to enjoy its beauty, love and wonders. 

Of course we need civilisation to co-exist nowadays,but we too must appreciate that as civilisation becomes more and more "civil", there are more and more restrictions, more and more laws, more and more oppressions against our inalienable fundamental freedoms, that we,as humans beings naturally inherit when we are born into this world.

So how do we retain our natural birthrights? 

Well one human right we can maintain is by self-medicating, by using the plants on this planet that bring us back into harmony with the Gaia, that we all exist together in as a whole - a oneness. 

We have become divorced from our natural selves by the commerce of synthetics ie manmade chemicals to treat dis-ease promoted to us by the profit driven medical industry.

In most cases herbs not only prevent,but cure dis-ease and they are freely growing everywhere for us to consume and to bring the magic of our body organisms into play to correct any dis-harmony ie dis-ease.

I’m reminded of my own right to self medicate for a toothache recently and I will talk about this one natural substance - PROPOLIS - a magical substance that is somehow processed by the bees from the sap of trees, which manifests as antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal,antiseptic and more. 

When I took it the other day after having a bit of a hangover,I felt all enlivened and all alert, and I wondered about that healing.But then I recalled that PROPOLIS is good for fatty liver! See we don’t all know this fact; when it was on our label, we were made to take it off by the TGA.


In fact I rarely get a cold or flu, because I treat myself when I feel the symptoms coming on with PROPOLIS. 

Even recently I self medicated for a bad toothache and the only relief I could get was from another herb - CLOVE oil, which seemed to numb the pain of what,I know now was an infection,spreading from a decaying tooth under my gum. The only pain relief I got was when I put either LIQUID BANDAGE (dragon’s blood), or PROPOLIS ,or CLOVE oil on the tooth. 

But then the pain would return and so I went to the dentist and he pulled out the offending tooth. Weirdly he ignored the fact that the pain was transferring all the way along my lower gum, so he only pulled the tooth out,without worrying about the transference of pain along my lower gum.

I now believe it was a gum infection,because even though I had the tooth taken out about 5 days before,I was still in pain. 

And I wondered - this is wrong, why is this pain continuing even though I’ve got the offending tooth out?!

Anyway I put LIQUID BANDAGE on the cavity and I felt relief. However a little voice kept saying ‘take PROPOLIS, take PROPOLIS’ . After about 12 hours or so the pain came back and I took PROPOLIS and do you know you can feel it working?! You can actually the inflammation as the propolis meets what is in there to attack, you can actually feel it fighting the infection !

I applied it once, and the pain didn’t come back for a day or so. It came back slightly again, and I applied it again and I then realised that PROPOLIS actually killed the infection that the dentist overlooked!

I could’ve suffered extreme poisoning if it wasn't for good old PROPOLIS .

Yay for PROPOLIS! 

Love Ray

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