Explaining our new Mission Statement
Explaining our new Mission Statement

Explaining our new Mission Statement

Ray's Rave!

Fri, 01/07/2011 - 00:00 -- Ray

After much consideration, Ray has revised the Happy High Herbs mission statement, as you might have seen on the new signs that were sent out earlier this week. I thought I would explain the reasoning behind the changes to some of the wording.

The new mission statement is:

“Promoting the appreciation, information, benefits, culture, use and availability OR herbal prescription of all natural plants and herbs”

The first significant change is “education” to "information". The reason we changed this one is fairly obvious, I think... Who are we to provide education in the academic sense about herbs? What we really provide is the information about herbs that is freely available to all, if only people knew where to look!

The second major change is "freedom for all natural plants and herbs"  to "availability OR herbal prescription for all natural plants and herbs"

Although what we would really like to see, in a Utopian world, is the freedom of all plants for the unrestricted use by any person, we must face reality, and realise that this is not necessarily possible. Our next best ideal would be for all herbs that are deemed dangerous, and therefore restricted, to be available by herbalist&;s prescription.

Some herbs such as ephedra are available via a prescription from your doctor, however the tragedy is that these herbs are not even stocked by chemists anyway! A doctor spends 5 years studying pharmaceutical medicine, and then is allowed to prescribe dangerous pharmaceutical medicine, so why can&;t a herbalist, who spends 5 years studying herbal medicine, be allowed to prescribe "dangerous" herbs? This is really an injustice in prescription law!

An important aspect of changing this section of our mission statement is that many herbalists and herbalists&; lobby groups would side with us, rather than seeing us as too extreme. These people would be powerful allies in the world of herb law reform!

Just imagine if plants like kratom, salvia, lobelia, ephedra and borage were available to the people who needed them! It would  be much better if they were available through prescription rather than not available at all.


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