A Perspective on Medical Cannabis
A Perspective on Medical Cannabis

A Perspective on Medical Cannabis

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Written by:
Evan Dehmelt, The Happy Herb Shop Browns Plains.
A Personal Stance & Public Perception on Medicinal Marijuana:
'Herb Lore' is rising in our local community and around Australia, with a lot of people opting away from pharmaceuticals and looking for natural/herbal remedies for their ailments, and Medicinal Marijuana is certainly the biggest talking point when it comes to banned and controlled substances. From a personal stand-point, I could not be more thrilled about the recent news from Queensland and Victoria to legalise cannabis for medicinal use.
Trials in Queensland have been happening for a few months and just a few days ago Victoria made the announcement that the state was legalising cannabis for medicinal purposes. What a great day for the people who have ailments or have children with ailments that medicinal cannabis has shown great improvement with their conditions.
This may bring talk of full legalisation or decriminalisation, but that is a far away dream. We as a country may never have the access to medicinal dispensaries as seen in the USA, and talking from experience with addiction that's a good thing. We don't need to go all out and try to replicate that system straight away, but if in time it shows to be a controllable avenue of distribution then access to the product could be much easier. But for now, we're taking the right steps to ensure those suffering a greater quality of life.
Younger in my life I had a problem with addiction. Speed was my main poison but along with that came excessive alcohol, tobacco and marijuana usage. I was out of control and doing things that were very out of character for the person my family and friends knew. I was headed down a very dark road that eventually would have lead me to jail or into a coffin, but once I woke up to myself and realised what I was doing I went to drug rehab and learnt about my addictions. I even went thru the program a second time when I felt myself sliding back into old habits.
Anything can be addictive, whether it's caffeine, tobacco, food, gambling, sex, or drugs. It's not what's in the product but what we feel when using it or doing it. I'm not going to rant about chemical compositions etc, I'm just stating that I believe there's nothing in cannabis that makes people addicted. Most of the public agrees with this statement and they also agree that people should have access to medicinal marijuana.
12 years ago I broke my neck (C4 & C5) and as a quadraplegic I suffer daily from muscle and nerve pain, spasms and cramps etc. I find that smoking cannabis provided accelerated improvement in my recovery and great relief from my daily pains. With the combination of other herbs (Damiana, Passionflower, California Poppy, Wild Lettuce, etc) I am able to function on a much more efficient level and suffer much less from the aforementioned ailments.
I just want to say "Congratulations Australia!" for taking the first of many steps to improve the quality of life of so many suffering members of our country. It's a very exciting time for so many Aussies and now they have greater hope in improving their conditions. Hurray for Medicinal Marijuana!


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