Prostate Herbs - Nature's Catheter
Prostate Herbs - Nature's Catheter

Prostate Herbs - Nature's Catheter

Ray's Rave!

Tue, 05/01/2018 - 11:50 -- Ray

The great thing about knowing about herbs is that in emergencies you can treat yourself.

Just as I’ve mentioned earlier about the knowledge of Croton “liquid bandage” actually cured my golden staph infection, and there are many other occasions.

What just happened recently is that I’d had an operation on my prostate, because I’d had a swollen prostate 6 times bigger than normal! I’d had a prostate problem ever since I was 40, I’m now 70. But for the last 20 years or so I’ve staved off the benign swelling using Saw Palmetto, and there’s no doubt about it, because a man can tell by the urine flow - I noticed the flow increased really amazingly as soon as I used Saw Palmetto.

But not only that, I didn’t have to get up in the night as often, maybe once in the night instead of 3, 4 or 5 times a night, and that stayed the same for 20 years.

Nevertheless, nature caught up with me, because it seems natural for men’s prostates to get enlarged as they get older. I asked the doctor, and he said they don’t even know why that happens. It could be genetic, it could be environmental…they just don’t know.

But nevertheless, I had to have an operation, and I chose to have a laser operation, and he was trying to get 3 big bladder stones out too at the same time, because they were causing me urinary tract infections, especially with the swollen prostate. Anyway to cut a long story short, he got one bladder stone out but he couldn’t get the other 2 because they were down behind the prostate and he didn’t want to cut any more of the prostate away because it might aggravate bleeding problems and recovery .

So I have to return to the hospital to get the other 2 lasered away, as he said that one of the bladder stones could easily block my urine flow, and I needed to get them out.

Because I am travelling over seas, I thought I don’t really want to have the operation just before I go, I’ll have it after.

I wasn’t worried that the bladder stone could block my flow-I didn’t even think about it, and about a month after the operation, I seemed to get symptoms of urinary tract infections.  That feeling of needing to pee and the peeing is painful, with just a dribble of urine.

I was having to pull over in my car every 10 minutes and race into the bush just to do the same over again. I think I peed 10 times in the space of 2 hours

I felt the urge to get home.  And as soon as I got home, I took Nettle, which is a bladder herb. I took Bladder Ease Spagyric (Dandelion Root, Slippery Elm, Uva Ursi, Echinacea, Cranberries) and in particular I took a large dose of Saw Palmetto because I knew it’s ‘nature’s catheter’.

I had a glass of water after that, then I went up to see somebody (actually to remove a tick from their head)…I came back after 30 minutes and had the urge to pee yet again…and when I did, I felt a hot urge, and my member swelled up only half way down.  My pee was just a painful dribble, and then all of a sudden WHOOSH…like a hose that had been turned on, and a big rush, and I felt something cut through, and basically be ejected from my member.  Immediate relief (a little bit of bleeding of course), but I realised I probably would have had to go to hospital if I hadn’t have used Saw Palmetto and the herbs in the Bladder Ease Spagyric or the Nettle.

Yet once again the knowledge of herbs saves me from the doctors!

Love Ray


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