Herbal Mulled Wine (Non-Alcoholic)
Schisandra Immune Tonic Tea
This delicious green salad dressing is packed with omegas, EFAs, protein, iron, vitamins and minerals. Your salad just got healthier!
This delicious creamy latté is packed with antioxidants, protein, iron, vitamins and minerals.
Give your immune system some extra love with this refreshing tea, served hot or iced
This adaptogen packed hot chocolate with help you find that place of perfect Zen Bliss!
A delicious & nutritious tea blend to nourish your nervous system, boost immunity, and improve concentration!
Sexy smoothie packed with aphrodisiac herbs to share with someone special, or just boost mood & energy.
These vegan dark chocolates are packed with the goodness of hemp!
A healthy vegan butter alternative



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