Herb & Superfood Recipes

This delicious and creamy pesto is packed with easily digestable protein. You can skip the parmesan and make it vegan! Only 1 month to go (Nov 12, 2017) until hemp foods are completely legal for human consumption in Australia!! Until then, you'll just have to salivate!
You can whip up this healthy & gourmet dip in under 5 minutes (maybe 10 if you include running to the garden to pick the dill!) It is packed with easily digestible protein, omega 3, 6 & 9, and herbs that benefit digestion.
Boost immunity, energy & mood with this Green Gold Super Juice!
A super feast delicious hot chocolate with mushrooms, maca and cacao
Mushrooms are excellent immune boosters, and adaptogens (increase our resistance to stress, boost endurance & stamina, etc). Maca is also an adaptogen, energy booster and mood balancer. Reap the benefits of all of this in a latte - YUM Read more about our Superfeast range of mushrooms here
Hemp Buzz Smoothie
Activated Hot Chocolate
For an energising & refreshing Party Punch
Learn how to make this simple Brainiac Tea Blend to help boost your mental function. Great for study, work or an ageing brain! With Brahmi, Gingko & Gotu Kola....3 herbs revered for their effect on memory and mental function
Enjoy a Chai Tea with a blissful twist to it when you add our yummy HH Bliz Zone chocolate elixir  



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