Herb & Superfood Recipes

This hot Ashwagandha milk recipe is a relaxing nightime drink to tonify and soothe the nervous system and help you get your ZZZzzzs
This immune boosting tea includes many of our favourite immune tonics in one pot!
This protein packed milkshake is so full of goodness, including the medicinal benefits of Reishi!
This warming soup helps to boost immunity & just make you feel great when you need a little nourishment!
These protein and energy packed chocolate orange balls combine the super goodness of hemp and bee pollen for added kick!
Make this quick, easy and SEXY iced chocolate for the one you love (or lust)!
Hemp Oil adds a beautiful silky texture & nutty flavour to this divine salad dressing. It contains Omega-3, 6 & 9 in perfect ratio, and all 9 essential fatty acids! It benefits healthy skin, hair, nails, brain & heart. Yes...your salad is about to get even healthier!
Make this creamy cream Mango Hemp Ice Cream in under 5 minutes. It's healthy, sugar free, and uses only 3 ingredients!! The nutty flavour of the hemp seeds blend beautifully with the tropical fruitiness of the mango. Delicious!!
This delicious and creamy pesto is packed with easily digestable protein. You can skip the parmesan and make it vegan! Only 1 month to go (Nov 12, 2017) until hemp foods are completely legal for human consumption in Australia!! Until then, you'll just have to salivate!
You can whip up this healthy & gourmet dip in under 5 minutes (maybe 10 if you include running to the garden to pick the dill!) It is packed with easily digestible protein, omega 3, 6 & 9, and herbs that benefit digestion.



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