Success With Hay Fever
Success With Hay Fever

Success With Hay Fever

Ray's Rave!

Wed, 01/13/2016 - 12:39 -- Ray

Hi Ray, 
I managed to obtain some Ephedra on line from China! I have read your book and your trials and tribulations re:Ephedra.

My sinus and allergies have disappeared. Now I am totally amazed at the ridiculousness of it all. I am on polarimine daily here. And also eye drops n nasal spray and truly i have never had relief like Ephedra has given me. It breaks my wheeze and clears my head. My allergies have been so bad i have accute sinusitis and a mass that never drains in the left side of my sinus.

My aunt said I really had to move from the Riverina or my allergy problem will keep happening. But this little plant gives me hope i can live in the riverina and not have operations every two years to remove the gunk and swollen tissue from my sinus.Your book has opened my eyes to the fact that we r not truly free. Chained with shackles to the synthetic poison pharmacists call medicine. I have tried every antihistamine on the shelf. Nothing comes close. So thank you for your book-this is the best I have felt in years!

Thanks again



(I have subsequently advised her that the importation of Ephedra can get her into deep trouble,as I discovered myself after being arrested over this beneficial herb that can save lives and much suffering). It is a scandal that the TGA and the whole sickness industry should be ashamed of for the suffering they cause,by not prescribing,or allowing herbalists to prescribe natural Ephedra,that Chinese doctors have used safely and efficaciously for over 5000 years!


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