Mushrooms & fungi can change the planet!
Mushrooms & fungi can change the planet!

Mushrooms & fungi can change the planet!

Ray's Rave!

Wed, 09/10/2014 - 09:43 -- Ray
I attended the Telluride Mushroom Festival last week in Colorado, USA and we've never felt so much at home overseas!
I'm more enamored than ever with mushrooms. I've always been attracted to the fact that not only can you eat lots of them, but some can take you on the most fantastic journey of awareness and enlightenment. In fact there's not even any hallucinogenic mushrooms growing in this area, so that makes it quite novel.
More particularly though, as we've heard at this conference, is the way that mushrooms and fungi can change the planet. They actually disassemble (they are decomposers) what nature has assembled, and if it wasn't for mushrooms we'd be living amongst a big lot of trees and vegetation that wouldn't break down back into the soil again.  Essentially they deconstruct all carbon material back to the basics of hydrogen and oxygen etc., and use the protein for their own growth and development. In doing so they get rid of pollution, possibly even radioactive pollution, but certainly oil pollution.
It seems that mushrooms, or fungi, in a way govern the regrowth of the planet. Fascinating!
Fascinating also to hear how passionate these ecologists at the festival are, their passion for the planet and mushrooms.
It reminds me of how we are in the herb cause. These are people who love mushrooms and love what they are doing for human beings and the planet! We are all doing our own thing, and certainly they are bringing awareness. I've always said that herbs can change us well even more so, mushrooms can and are changing the world. They break down everything it seems. So in that sense, mushrooms can change the world not only internally but externally too.
Even with cancer there have been proven tests that mushrooms help in that direction, Chaga is one of the helpful ones. 
I'm enthralled!
Love Ray


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