TGA forces us to print retraction
TGA forces us to print retraction

TGA forces us to print retraction

Ray's Rave!

Tue, 11/05/2013 - 15:19 -- Ray
Wake up Australia - Part 1   We&;ve had many challenges over the years here in Australia, and because we have a mission and not just a business to run, we have happily faced the challenges and the hurdles that have been thrown at us. The problems we had with the media constantly inferring that the obscure chemical that led to Henry Kwan&;s death came from our shop were difficult indeed, and caused much heartache amongst our staff, but the latest TGA attack has been the hardest.

Just to remind you, the main part of our mission is to spread the word about healing herbs and if possible, access to them as well.

Recently, the TGA took issue with 2 articles that were on our website. These were both personal accounts from staff members of their own journeys with health and herbs. One was talking about menopause, the other about staph. They were clearly personal anecdotes and were not presented as scientific in any way.

Even though we took the articles down, we now have to put up a horribly emotive retraction on our website for 180 days, basically apologising for the "abuse of trust of our customers" and "exploiting the ignorance of our customers"! You don&;t come across as ignorant to us! 

The most ironic thing is that the products discussed in those articles, like turmeric, chaste berry, and golden seal, are not even products that we sell.  To add insult to injury they even threatened that we would be fined for printing our truth!

What&;s worse, they informed us that suggesting that an approved pharmaceutical is ineffective or even dangerous is against TGA regulations and can result in prosecution, even though "in 2011 the FDA received 179,855 reports of serious, disabling, and fatal adverse [pharmaceutical] drug events in the United States. This was an increase of 15,386 cases, or 9.4% from 2010." *

If I can look into the future, I can see all of us in the West dying off due to our overuse of antibiotics, and many elements of the establishment are not helping this situation by preventing us from sharing stories of how other people became self-empowered with herbs to manage their own health. 


What can we do about it? 
Grow our own and use our own healing herbs

For the plants,

- Ray

      * - Institute for Safe Medication Practices Annual Report, May 31st 2012 -


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Submitted by TH3 S33K3R (not verified) on

It's abundantly clear that it is vested interests that actually run our country. Government is merely a puppet for corporations to do their bidding.

Western medicine and big pharma have done a really good job at locking out their competition that's for sure. They have their hands in all the right pockets to continue promoting their agenda.

I really hope that this all works out favourably for you.

For the last few years I've been contemplating the 'reality of our reality'. I don't know that we can ever change this system we all find ourselves. We might have a small win here and there, but by and large the root problem will remain. I believe that the only way we can live with true sovereign free will, is to create our own new way of living, and leave this current system behind. Then and only then will we be truly free to say whatever we like, ingest or smoke whatever we like, and do what we like. I believe we should only be answerable if we cause harm to others.

All the best.

Submitted by Nightwatch (not verified) on

Such a shame to see such bias and an attack on one's personal freedom and privacy, especially by a minority who claim to speak for the majority but probably far from the truth: the illegal drug trade costs Australia millions of dollars a year and they're in a hissy fit about things which are mostly natural and not "manufactured". Just another excuse which to rob people of right, responsibility and rationality really,,,

Submitted by Christina Sheridan (not verified) on

REALLY!! Is this all they have to do.. They have to get real jobs and real lives, the rest of the population are trying to make a difference in life and create a better life for our selves and a better universe! Just keep moving to the light!

Submitted by Neil (not verified) on

Sorry to hear of this harassment! The best chance we have in my belief to combat against these attacks is to share the truths with others;) Our freedom & health are on the stock exchange, "WAKE UP AUSTRALIA"......


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