White Lighting Exercise
White Lighting Exercise

White Lighting Exercise

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Mon, 02/26/2018 - 14:13 -- Ray


The White lighting exercise changed my life. Somebody wrote to me once, wanting to know what herb could be used for dispelling negative vibes others leave on you. Well of course we all know smudging with white sage and particularly PALO SANTO is good for this; however there is a way from preventing the yukky vibes from people to get anywhere near you !!  It’s called White Lighting - I’ll give you the background to this so you feel more secure and don’t just think I’m airy fairy!

Basically I met a psychic who later became my spiritual mentor, especially after the white lighting exercise! She just happened to bring it up in conversation – and I had never heard of white lighting before. This was about ten years ago now. I asked what it is and she said “Ray! How many times a day do you wash?!”. I told her at least twice a day and she told me how important it was also to cleanse your aura the same way – to cleanse yourself of the energies of the people you meet – all the people with problems, and addictions etc. So she showed me what it was … and she said to practice it, daily for a while, and then whenever you need to – especially if someone leaves you with a negative vibe, or they are coming at you with aggression, or the environment you’re in is not quite serene enough etc. so basically that’s when you use it. Anyway I’m going to tell you about it before I do the exercise.

I was running my first Happy Herb shop in Nimbin then, and I was plagued by the addicts coming into my store, looking for $30 – for ‘petrol’ etc - ($30 was the cost of a fix!) I had people sponging on me constantly. So I started white lighting – and I don’t drink a lot of water, but found that I was then drinking litres of water a day – and I started to feel different and things around me started to change. And NEVER since has someone tried to con me of a dollar, or have I had people around me that I didn’t want around me. The addicts and shoplifting street people just started to shy away from me – I’m not kidding you – this is the best gentle weapon you can have and remain at peace. And here’s how it’s done:

Preferably have your legs uncrossed – and best of all, be lying flat on the ground, although sitting in a chair is ok. Take off your hat if you’re wearing one – as you will be a conduit for white light. Put your feet firmly but gently on the ground. Take one deep breath and just imagine as you’re breathing in and out that you’re breathing in through your third eye and then breathe out through your mouth. As you breathe in, visualise the positive result you want to get through this meditation. Any negative thoughts that pop up, breathe them out. Breathe in again, see the visualisation of what you want, breathe out the negatives. Continue this pattern. Next time you breathe in, imagine the brightest light you can imagine. We call it ‘white light’ but it doesn’t have to be bright/white. It can be whatever colour you want it to be – red, blue – whatever works for you. Breathe in this beautiful light, the strongest light you can see, then breathe out. I love sunlight!

This time as you breathe in, see this brilliant light filling your brain – it’s like you have attic windows in your brain and they open up under the strength of this light – and all the dust of the past and negativity all blows out the windows. Your brain feels lighter already.

Breathe in, feel all the beautiful light slide down inside your head and face, attacking all the painful areas, all the dark areas. Breathe in, send all this beautiful light down your neck, massaging your throat, relaxing your shoulders – allow it to relax you. Feel it cascading down your arms, feel the tingling in your fingertips as this beautiful light finds its way down your face, throat, shoulders, arms, fingers. With the next breathe, fill your lungs with this beautiful light – especially if you’re a smoker – feel it fill your lungs, down into your diaphragm. And now down into your stomach – if you have any pain or tightness anywhere, focus on it healing and purifying that area – and down into your groin, doing the same, dispelling any negative thoughts, pain, past abuse, guilt, from that area, feeling the healing. Feel it move down into your buttocks, down the back of your thighs, down your legs as you’re breathing in.Feel the light filling your knees, focus on dispelling any pain that resides there – or anywhere else-now into your shins and into your ankles – down through your feet and toes. And now feel your toes tingle as the bright light descends down into the centre of the earth, cleansing itself and taking all those dark bits and pain etc with it – you can feel it – all this beautiful light going through your body spiralling down into the centre of the earth, where it attaches itself.  So see the light in your mind, all through your body and down into the centre of the earth and attaching itself .

Hold it there until you feel grounded.Then the light is going to spiral up through the earth again for one last clean up of your body and of itself. So it comes back up and reaches your feet, feel the tingling, as it searches and spirals again through your feet, your ankles, your shins, your groin.

And say to yourself:

“Where there is love there is light. Where there is light there is no darkness. Where there is light there is no darkness ."

Repeat these words – always use them - as the light finds its way through your body again.

Bring the light back up through your tummy and chest, your neck, your face, your head – until finally it reaches your crown chakra at the top of your head and spills outside of your body in a pink, sparkling, shimmering light that goes out as far as you can imagine your aura to be – above you, underneath you, around you – in a massive ball of pink shimmering light – and seal that big pink ball of shimmering light with disco ball material and know that you are protected against any negative thought or action – external or internal.

You are now protected.

 Repeat this exercise as often as you can especially when going to sleep or very quickly when you are surrounded by negativity,aggressive or yucky people.

Love Ray


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