Bee Pollen
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Bee Pollen

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Bee pollen is made by honeybees from flower pollen, which they spend thousands of hours collecting. It contains nearly all the nutrients needed to sustain life! It has long been revered in Traditional Chinese Medicine as an energy and nutritive tonic. Cultures worldwide have used bee pollen for endurance, vitality, longevity, recovery from illness, reducing cravings and addictions, preventing infectious diseases, strengthening the immune system and correcting nutritional deficiencies. Recent studies have found bee pollen beneficial for infertility, allergies, cancer, weight control and physical performance.

35% protein, Amino acids, Folic acid, Vitamins A, B-complex, C, E

Eat as is, or add to yogurt, fruit salad, smoothies, raw treats, trail mix.

Precautions / Contraindications: 

Bee pollen can cause serious allergic reactions in people who are allergic to pollen. Also, avoid if pregnant or breastfeeding.