Botanical name: Calea zacatechichi
Other names: Dream herb
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Calea zacatechichi is a Mexican herb commonly used in folk medicine to treat dysentery, fevers, gastrointestinal complaints and respiratory disorders such as asthma.  

The native Chontal people of Oaxaca call it thle-pela-kano, and use it for divination rituals which involve smoking the plant, drinking it as a tea, and placing it under a pillow to induce divinatory dreams.

Current popular use confirms Calea leaf is a viable smoking alternative, giving a dreamy effect. As a tea it may induce lucid dreaming. The following day, some ‘lucid dreamers’ report feeling a wonderful sense of well-being and clarity of mind and senses.

Rays Rave: 

Calea is best smoked soon after harvest in winter; the fresher the better, as the potency reduces with age (like us all). Calea tea indeed tastes terrible and pungent (and that’s an understatement!). A nicer way of using Calea is to wet a heaped tablespoon of leaves and swallow them down just before bed. The smoking of dried leaf may also assist. The awareness of one’s heartbeat seems to predict the correct dosage.

After ingesting, ask a pertinent question, close your eyes and drift off into your own dreamtime. This herb only works for dreamtime spiritual journeying purposes, although one woman did use it to find out who stole her video cassette recorder ... very cosmic! It seems the day after taking Calea you feel fantastic.

Precautions / Contraindications: 

None known (except for its intense bitterness).

HHH, 8th ed., by Ray Thorpe
"Researchers from National Medicines Institute Describe Findings in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Calea zacatechichi dichloromethane extract exhibits antidiarrheal and antinociceptive effects in mouse models mimicking irritable bowel syndrome)." Obesity, Fitn

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Submitted by Rohan (not verified) on

Hey do u guys have caleo z in tablet forms? As I don't wish to smoke it or have that intense bitter tea. And if you do how much is it?

Submitted by Niall on

Hi Rohan, Calea does taste quite bitter! I'm afraid we only stock it in powdered leaf form at present, though we expect to release a liquid Calea zacatechichi extract in the near future. Keep an eye out on our website, or drop in to your local Happy Herb Shop sometime soon :)

Submitted by Jason (not verified) on

You could always buy the dried herb and buy some empty capsules and make your own tablets. You can pick up empty capsules (gelatin based) on ebay, as well as other stockists.

Submitted by Sam (not verified) on

This herb is the best I had terrible dream recall for ages. After smoking this with tobacco (natural of course) ive been having whacked out crazy ass dreams every night and can remeber most of them. Also had one instance of lucid dreaming but i started freaking out because i wasnt used to it and woke up lol still good times

Submitted by Chuck (not verified) on

Do you have to be over 18 to buy this? If not is it legal for an under 18 to smoke it? Thanks

Submitted by Amelia on

There is no minimum age limit to buy herbs in Australia, however the legal smoking age is 18 and therefore the smoking herbs are also restricted for sale in our shops, unless you are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Smoking herbs can only be bought from the website by over 18's. - See more at: http://www.happyherbcompany.com/faq#sthash.muGqlTLK.dpuf