Botanical name: Nepeta cataria
Other names: Catmint
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Leaves of this mint-family herb were used in a tea by the early Europeans for cramps, aches, fevers and fits. They also chewed on the leaf for headache relief. The Chinese used it for chest complaints and believed that it attracted good spirits and happiness. Catnip was even the beverage of choice in Europe before tea was introduced from Asia!!  Also, believe it or not, catnip was once smoked to treat asthma and bronchitis!
Catnip tea is an excellent choice for colds and flus, especially in children.  It is a diaphoretic (increases sweating), helping to flush out a fever.  It also calms the nervous system, aiding a good nights sleep and reducing anxiety, tension and hyperactivity.  It is also used for digestive disturbances such as colic, flatulance, diarrhea, stomach cramps.  Other uses for catnip include peroid pain, tension headaches, drug and nicotine withdrawal. 
Catnip is smoked for mild uplifting effects but some humans are more affected than others with excitement and giggling!
Rays Rave: 
Catnip is yet another good herb for reducing consumption of cannabis and/or tobacco. Catnip is a potentiator - increasing the effects of other herbs that it is used with.Known as nature’s ‘Alka-Seltzer’ for its usefulness in settling upset stomachs ... 
Catnip is also extremely useful for fevers (inducing sleep and enabling free perspiration without increasing body heat) and the aches and pains due to the flu. We have found that Catnip tea works marvelously for nausea and indigestion as well as period pain. In fact, it worked so well for my partner's period pain that I wanted to tell the world... However, I was soon made aware that we are prevented from broadcasting the benefits of herbs. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) forbids one to make TRUTHFUL health claims about natural herbs and remedies! How will anyone of us learn about the benefits of herbs!? 
Precautions / Contraindications: 

No side effects have been noted.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Is this for real?

Submitted by liliana (not verified) on

You are so 100% right. It is an epidemic that has contaminated the whole world. the synthetic world of drugs, and the suppression of our constitutional right to express ourselves(freedom of speech). All websites including those selling herbs prohibit you from claiming that any herbs is benefitial to your health!!! what??? because this or that says "you cannot say that"
I have always been against this synthetic society and have stayed away from all of it. Since t I have turned 40 and begun to experience different problems related to age, sad thing the body just breaks down, it's life. I have turned to the world of herbs (this website was one of the greatest benefit) and my world is better and better everyday because of my daily use of herbs. If I have a problem I turn to an herb and make herbal tea. I cannot believe how quick herbs truly work and there is no side effects. what a concept!!!!!!!!!!!!
I realized that as my body becomes healthier my mind truly follows, since it appears that the mind manifest the condition of the body.
I have been drinking passion flower and damiana everyday, passion flower, two cups after dinner time, and damiana after lunch. I cannot believe how much better I feel everyday. Passion flower is absolutely excellent for addiction (nicotine) and sleeping and just being calm on the overall, it even seems to take "anger" out of me. the longer I drink it the more peaceful I feel with myself and others. Damiana is excellent for pms and just an overall feeling of wellness, plus it is great for keeping the bladder clean. I am experimenting with more herbs and I have vowed to become a long term user of herbs and I can only pray and hope that the world would realize the beauty that mother nature has given onto us.