Corn Silk
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Corn Silk

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Cornsilk is the soft hairs that are between the corncob and the outer sheath. This herb is useful in any kind of urinary irritation or disorder, as it both soothes and tones the urinary tract at the same time. It can be used to treat cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis and oedema. Although gentle enough to use for kidney problems in children, cornsilk will also often have success with kidney stones when nothing else will work. For infections of the urinary tract, cornsilk is best combined with uva ursi.


Rays Rave: 

Urinary tract infections can be extremely painful and even life threatening, and affects more people than you think! 

UTIs come from bacteria being pushed up into the urethra/bladder which then breeds madly in the warm moist conditions and starts to populate the bladder causing inflammation and burning pain. 

Some women use Ural which won't cure it but alkalizes the urine and takes away the pain.

Some herbalists recommend other treatments, but truly, NOTHING works as well as FRESH CORN SILK as it is a specific urinary tract anti-inflammatory as well as an anti-microbial diuretic which will treat the infection directly!

Sure, HHC sells dried corn silk which is the next best thing, but the ideal is to race down to the nearest fruit and vegie shop, buy some corn, peel off the green husk and grab the corn silk off the cob of corn, simmer the corn silk for some minutes and drink the slightly sweet tasting brew.

Hey presto ! The UTI is gone immediately in 99% of cases! Best simmer a tablespoon and drink 3 times a day.

If that doesn't work the sufferer MUST see a doctor immediately.

Because if a woman lets it go too long, it can permanently damage their kidneys and lead to kidney problems!

Precautions / Contraindications: 

No side effects or drug interactions have been reported.

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Submitted by Maigen (not verified) on

I do suffer urinary tract infections from the supra-pubic catheter, as a result of extreme trauma. I do like the way this herb can assist me in this area, as my kidney is damaged as a result of the trauma also.

I would like to know how much would it be to purchase this herb and what quantities to you sell this product.

A friend has shown me what you have to offer and now the site may be of assistance for my health.

Thank you for hearing me and hope to hear from you soon.

Submitted by Niall on

Hi Maigen, Thanks for your comment.

Most of our shops sell cornsilk, RRP is about $5 at time of writing. You can find your nearest Happy Herb Shop by clicking here.

Also we do recommend that you seek medical advice from a qualified professional before commencing any treatment. Bye for now and all the best :)

Submitted by Jul (not verified) on

Helpful advice. I'm glad that I go through trials everyday because it draws everyone together, and it also helps me learn so much about life. Anyway, I am interested in foods and gentle herbs that repair/cleanse the kidneys, liver and gallbladder. Perhaps cornsilk can do a lot more than we know?