Herb Shop FAQ
Herb Shop FAQ

Buy herbs online - how long does it take to fulfill my order?

Australian Orders:

We ship mail orders daily from Mondays to Thursdays. Your order must be placed by 10am if you order on one of the shipping days, otherwise your order will be shipped on the next shipping day.

We try to ensure that all stock listed on the website is currently available and all Australian orders are shipped by express post so you get your goodies ASAP!! 

International Orders:

International orders are posted via international airmail.

This usually takes between 14-20 days.

(although in unusual circumstances it has taken longer).

If you have any further questions about product availability, ordering, or delivery, please phone or email us.


How much does postage cost?

Postage Costs Australia

We send all our Australian orders via express post so that you can receive your goodies ASAP!

The system is integrated with AusPost and will automatically calculate your postage cost when you enter your address in the checkout page.

Postage Costs International

Please call for a quote before making a large order. For all standard orders you are charged typical international rates according to country... more information is available here:



What is the minimum order price?

AU$25 is our minimum order price.


How secure is the online payment method?

All of our orders are processed by EWAY, a secure online payment gateway similar to PayPal. EWAY processes your payment and all of your credit card details remain totally anonymous.

As EWAY processes your order instantaneously, sometimes there is a delay between payment and shipping. Never fear! Your order will be shipped on the next shipping day. If there is a problem with your order, we will contact you via email.


What is the best method of Payment?

You can pay via Credit Card and phone orders can be paid by money order or Credit card, C.O.D (cash on delivery), or direct deposit (details on the invoice)


How do I order?

Browse our herb shop, then click on the button next to the item that you want to order and follow the instructions as they appear on the screen. We take credit card orders over the internet only.

For faster service call us directly on (02) 6679 4103

Office hours are 10-3 Monday-Thursday


What's the minimum age for ordering?

There is no minimum age limit to buy herbs in Australia, however as a duty of care to our customers the party products we do put an over 18 age restriction. These are not for sale through our website. On top of this the legal smoking age is 18 and therefore the smoking herbs are also restricted for sale in our shops, unless you are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Smoking herbs can only be bought from the website by over 18's.


Export and Legal Restrictions

We guarantee that all products sold are legal in Australia at time of sale. For international orders it is the customer's responsibility to ensure legality of specific herbal products in their country.


Can I buy party highs online?

You have probably heard of our amazing party highs: herb-based products designed to get you tingling, laughing and dancing all night long, in a safe and legal way.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy these here...

The Happy Herb Company has a voluntary policy of not selling these online. These products are marketed only in our physical shops, in a face to face situation, as alternatives to drugs of harm and addiction.

They are strictly sold only to people over eighteen years of age in the interest of harm reduction and to prevent the cycles of illegal drug abuse.

These strong but safe stimulants are not meant for everyone, such as those on anti-psychotic medication or those suffering from depression or other mental disorders. That is why we have a policy of not selling such products online.

These products do not sit well with another drug of abuse popular in Australian society, alcohol. In a face-to-face shop situation, our trained staff are able to assess the customer's age by sighting identification, and verify their suitability for a product.Unfortunately this is not possible in cyberspace.

In a shop situation we are able to counsel the customer on correct use and dosage of each product, when to have it and what not to have it with. We even explain how it works, how not to abuse it and why.

We do all this in the interests of the customer's health and safety. Furthermore, if these substances are abused, they will not remain legal for long!

We believe that marketing and selling these products over the internet is not ethical and certainly is not in the interests of the consumer.

Why not come and visit one of our shops, where our friendly staff can assist you in selecting your perfect Party High?!

Alternatively, visit the ENERGY section of our catalogue for more gentle ways to get happy and high!



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