Geelong Happy Herb Shop
(03) 5229 9997
89 Ryrie St
3220 Geelong , VIC

Established 1996.

We are proud to be not just for profit and activists for plant freedom.


Geelong Happy Herb Shop


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89 Ryrie St
3220 Geelong , VIC

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Submitted by Meagan (not verified) on

Hi there,
Do you sell sage incense stick? if so, do you have any in stock?


Submitted by Amelia on

Hi! Yes, the Geelong shop does have sage smudge sticks in stock. You might want to check out Palo Santo as well, which is also used to purify a space/personal energy. It smells divine! Hope you have a great visit to the shop, thanks for your inquiry.

Submitted by Terri (not verified) on

are you still operating ?..have tried to call answer..

Submitted by Amelia on

The wonderful Geelong shop is very much open and that phone number is correct, please try again or visit them at 89 Ryrie Street!

Submitted by matsi (not verified) on

hello lovely happy high herbs tribe,
just wanted to let u know that it says here that the shop is open on sunday´s, but i just drove 1,5h to see your shop and it was closed.
so maybe change that if you are not open sundays.
thank you and i guess i will drive there again tomorrow hey ;)
luv n lite

Submitted by Amelia on

Apologies from the admin team! The hours have been corrected. Sorry for your troubles, hope you can make it back soon!