Goji berries
Botanical name: Lycium barbarum
Other names: Chinese wolf berry

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Goji berries

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Goji berry originated in Asia, where it has been used for over 3000 years in Traditional Chinese and Tibetan Medicine and known as ‘the key to eternal youth” due to its extremely high antioxidant content. It is also one of the highest known sources of vitamin C, and thus supports the immune system and is anti-inflammatory. Goji is also used to combat states of deficiency, reduce fatigue, regulate blood pressure, protect the liver and kidneys, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Contains: 21 minerals, carotenoids, high Vitamin A & C, complete protein with 18 amino acids, high antioxidants

Preparation: Eat as a snack, add to desserts, fruit salad, smoothies, cereal, porridge, trail mix and raw treats.

Commmonly used for: