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Moringa (Moringa oleifera) is a tropical Asian tree that has significant medicinal and nutritional benefits. Also known as the drumstick tree or the horseradish tree, the leaves of Moringa have been widely consumed throughout India and South Asia for centuries.

A Genuine Super Food
Moringa is known as a famine food due to its incredible nutrition profile: at nearly 10% protein, it has a similar protein level to eggs, and twice that of most dairy products. As well as protein, it is also high in iron (4mg/100g – similar to red meat) and a wide range of enzymes, vitamins and minerals. In the world of superfoods, you can think of it as kale-combined with protein powder. It can be added to soups, stews, smoothies, or juice for a daily boost of nutrition.

Major medicinal action: Anti Diabetic
Moringa leaf has been shown in clinical trials to reduce post-prandial blood sugars in diabetic people, without having any effect on healthy blood glucose. A dose of 4g of dried moringa leaf stimulates insulin secretion quite quickly. If you take insulin, be very careful, as combining moringa and insulin may drop your blood sugar levels too low.

Major medicinal action: Anti-infective
Moringa reduces infections of all kinds. When applied externally, a paste made with powdered leaves and water increases the speed of wound healing. When taken internally, Moringa helps to fight a whole range of infections, from urinary, parasitic, gum and teeth infections and infected wounds.

Other medicinal actions:
Being a pungent-flavour herb, moringa is useful for stimulating circulation and supporting healthy breathing: it has traditional uses for asthma and coughs. It also stimulates breastmilk production.

Cautions: As moringa leaf is a major food crop for many people, it has low toxicity and can be taken at large doses for extended periods.

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