Muira Puama
Botanical name: Ptychopetalum olacoides
Other names: Potency wood
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Muira Puama

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Muira puama is a small Brazilian tree that grows across the Amazon river basin. The root and stem of the tree are used medicinally. Muira Puama, also called 'potency wood', has a long history of use in Brazilian folk medicine as an aphrodisiac and libido promoter, mainly for men, and is used for erectile dysfunction. As a nervous system tonic, it fortifies and stimulates the nervous system, making it helpful for nervous disorders such as depression, stress, exhaustion, neuralgia and trauma. 

Muira puama is employed around the world today in herbal medicine. Early European explorers noted the indigenous uses and the aphrodisiac qualities of muira puama and brought it back to Europe, where it has become part of herbal medicine in England. It is still listed in the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia (a noted herbal medicine source from the British Herbal Medicine Association); it is recommended there for the treatment of dysentery and impotence. It is also used in Europe to treat impotence, infertility, nerve pain, menstrual disturbances, and dysentery. In Germany, muira puama is employed as a central nervous system tonic, for hookworms, menstrual disturbances, and rheumatism. Muira puama has been gaining in popularity in the United States, where herbalists and health care practitioners are using it for impotence, depression, menstrual cramps and PMS, nerve pain, and central nervous system disorders.

The short term effects of Muira Puama include increasing blood flow to the pelvic area, aiding erections in men as well as sensation and orgasm in women. Longer term use enhances the production of sex hormones in both sexes. 

While so-called aphrodisiacs have come and gone in history, muira puama has retained its stature and may well provide one of the more effective natural therapeutic approaches for erectile function and libido enhancement for both sexes. Before trying to self-treat, however, men should always seek the advice of a health practitioner if suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotency; this often can be an early warning sign of vascular insufficiency and/or underlying heart problems.

Can be taken as a tea, but more effective if used as a tincture. Take the tincture with a small amount of warm water to which you have added a little lemon juice. This assists absorption of the therapeutic tannins. Another convenient form is a capsule.

Precautions / Contraindications: 

It has no noted side effects though, as with many sexual stimulants, it can slightly raise blood pressure. One of the most common side effects of muira puama when used in high doses is insomnia. This is because of the alertness it produces, and, logically, if you are too alert when you go to bed, you are likely to toss and turn in bed.


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My name is Gerardo, I am looking to buy Muira Pauma tablet. to treat my erectile dysfunction. I am living in Hobart Tasmania. can u you tell me if you are able to send it to Hobart Tasmania.

Submitted by Amelia on

Hi, please visit our wonderful Happy Herb Shop in Hobart at 146A Elizabeth Street, Hobart. The staff there are fantastic and will be able to help you find Muira Puama (a great herb!) and inform you of some others to assist you. Enjoy your visit!