Northbridge Happy Herb Shop
08 922 82 991
55 Aberdeen st
6003 Northbridge , WA

Established 1996.

We are proud to be not just for profit and activists for plant freedom.


Northbridge Happy Herb Shop


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The Happy Herb Shop promotes wholistic, healthy lifestyle, naturally. We believe that a healthy body, mind and spirit = a happy, harmonious, healthy human.
Before pharmaceuticals ever existed, man and woman used plant medicine, and this knowledge was passed down through generations. Food was rich in nutrients, pesticide and GM free.
At The Happy Herb Shop we are passionate about plants. We offer a diverse range of information resources and are a networking hub for the local community.
We have a wide range of products on offer, including:

  • Organic and healthy teas
  • Detox herbs
  • Energy herbs
  • Relaxants
  • Tonics
  • Libido boosters and aphrodisiacs
  • Herbal tinctures
  • Superfoods
  • Supplements,
  • Essential oils
  • Rare & exotic plants
  • Cullinary herbs and spices
  • Magikal herbs and resins
  • Books & CD&;s
  • Fire and circus toys
  • Pixie clothing
  • Smoking alternatives
  • Addiction solutions
  • Harm reduction
  • Party alternatives

Come in and meet our dedicated and friendly Happy Herbies for a chat about our wonderful healing plants. If you live remotely, give us a call and we can organise mail order for you.


55 Aberdeen st
6003 Northbridge , WA

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Submitted by Sanjai Santos (not verified) on

Will you be open in northbridge until 6pm or 4pm this Sunday (the 21st) Feb?

Submitted by Amelia on

Hi Sanjai, the Northbridge Happy Herb Shop's Sunday hours are 11am - 4pm. Enjoy your visit!