Plant Freedom
Plant Freedom

Plant Freedom Alliance

Happy Herbs supports the Plant Freedom Alliance, a non-profit organisation that advocates for free access to and information about all natural plants and herbs.

Its aims are the legalisation and responsible use of all medicinal and psychoactive plants.


Human evolution, for hundreds of thousands of years, has been completely dependent on plants. We rely upon them for our food, medicine, clothing, shelter, and fuel. Among the most complex organisms on Earth, they produce the very oxygen we breathe. The notion of a naturally occurring plant as 'illegal' is nonsensical at best, abhorrent at worst.


As all aspects of our human culture is intricately bound up with plants, it is our human right to continue our relationship with the plant kingdom through our food, fibre, medicine, spirituality and recreation, just as it is everybody's birthright to investigate their own consciousness.


What we put into our bodies dictates to a huge extent how we feel, how healthy we are, even our thinking processes. If we allow private interests to gain exclusive control over how plants are cultivated, processed, and consumed, we surrender power over our nutrition, our medicine and ultimately our minds.


Stand up for your right to Plant Culture! Join the Plant Freedom Alliance!


Established 1996.

We are proud to be not just for profit and activists for plant freedom.