Botanical name: Stevia rebaudiana

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Stevia is between 10 and 30 times sweeter than sugar, yet contains only 1 Calorie between 10 leaves. It reduces blood glucose levels, hence has been used by diabetics without repercussions. Helpful in reducing sugar cravings and therefore can assist in disease prevention affiliated with high sugar intake.

The traditional and ongoing use of stevia in South America, speak for its effectiveness in improving overall health and general well being. Rich in manganese and also a good source of potassium, a major mineral for healing, muscle function, digestion, brain power, nerve conductivity, fluid balance and the elimination of toxic wastes.

People who find that sugar tends to feed yeast and other micro-organisms, will discover that stevia does not contribute to this problem, and that candida and fungal conditions can be controlled by reducing the intake of sugar. Also chewing a leaf or two of fresh or dried stevia has been known to curb cravings for sweet foods, and has  the ability to reduce the desire for tobacco or alcohol...wow!

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Submitted by Jonathan Craig (not verified) on

Stevia is an incredible sweetener. Love the taste and love the alternative to sugar!