West End (Brisbane) Happy Herb Shop
(07) 38446323
Shop 3/83 Vulture St
4101 West End , QLD

Established 1996.

We are proud to be not just for profit and activists for plant freedom.


West End (Brisbane) Happy Herb Shop


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Welcome to Happy Herbs in the funky West End! 

Our shop is surrounded by a beautiful array of eclectic individuals creating music, literature, art and general happy vibes. West End is buzzing with life! Come and see for yourself, and of course, VISIT US! 


Take a look around our little herb paradise, and let Rachelle and the team show you how to make a yummy healing tea, soothe a sore belly, detox, sleep better, dance all night, laugh loads, and the list goes on! 


We offer a wide range of products:

~ Herbs for health such as nettle, brahmi, gotu kola, lemon myrtle, elecampane, st mary's thistle, reishi mushrooms, wormwood, mucunu, ginkgo biloba, astragalus and more;

~Our wonderful new Spagyric range - super potent micro doses - easy to carry with you and have on the run!~ Over 100 blends and single herbs available!!

~ Herbs for energy such as guarana, different ginsengs, yerba mate, suma and more;

~ Herbs for relaxation and stress relief such as passionflower, skullcap, mulungu, chamomile, st john's wort, damiana, mugwort and more;

~ Herbs for romance, sexual drive and pleasure such as damiana, catuaba, horny goat's weed, chuchuwasi, tongkat, tribulus, dong quai, muira puama and more;

~ Herbs for Magick and Ritual use such as frankincense, myrhh, peony root, galangal root, storax, sandalwood, grandfather white sage, and more;

~ Herbs for smoking such as california poppy, wild lettuce, blue lotus, catnip, sinicuichi, lion's tail, calea and more;

~ Herbs for partying, in many different concentrates and combinations (as well as fantastic hangover cures);

~ Happy Herb's own huge range of spagyrics - highly potent herbal medicines, up until now only seen in Europe and overseas;

~ A great range of super foods including cacao powder and nibs, coconut sugar, acai berry powder, sea vegetables, goji berries, goldenberries, spirulina and more;

~ A very wide range of incense, incense holders and incense accessories, including the ever popular nag champa;

~ Natural alternative medicines such as comfrey, arnica or calendula salve, colloidal silver gel, rescue remedy, ear candles, foot patches, magnesium chloride, hemp seed oil, dragon's blood liquid bandage and more;

~ A range of Hemp Seed oil based products including massage oils, sunscreen, eye gels, deodorant, moisturisers, body oils for stretch marks and more;

~ Brisbane's best range of fire twirling gear, including staffs, poi, practice poi, hoops, fans and more;

~ Beautiful natural soaps, free from chemicals;

~ Books about herbs, sprouts, sustainable living, shamanism, ayahuasca and other psychotropic plants;

~ Quirky gifts and items such as badges, bags, festival belts, recycled leather skirts, indian and hippie clothing, bracelets, etiko "nosweat" shoes, handmade fair trade hill tribe shoes, bells, singing bowls, prayer flags, sound activated t-shirts, mushroom and herb t-shirts, sacred geometry pieces, banksy cards and posters, faerie cards, global gypsy cards, teapots, henna paste for your skin and for your hair and more;

~ A wide variety of titanium, plastic and wood piercing jewellery;

~ High quality essential oils and perfumes;

~ Smoking accessories including Brisbane's best range of papers, pipes, vaporizers, grinders, cigarette holders ... 


The Happy Herb Shop West End (Brisbane) can keep you smiling right from sunrise to sunrise ... 

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Herbs and blessings!



Shop 3/83 Vulture St
4101 West End , QLD